Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program

We Prepare You to Stand Out

Not every student knows his/her professional goals when entering college. Others may start and even enter a profession after graduation from college and find that it is not the right "fit" for them. If this description resonates with you and you have made the decision to pursue a career in medicine, then Duquesne's Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (PB-PMHPP) is here to help you meet those goals.

The Duquesne University PB-PMHPP is an individualized, multi-track program that prepares you to meet the academic requirements, gain greater success on the entrance examinations and have greater success with the application processes needed for admission to the medical, dental, or other health professional graduate programs of your choice. This is not your typical "gap" or "glide year" program. We do not require you to pursue a pre-prescribed academic curriculum like many other post-baccalaureate programs, but rather we will work with you to design an individualized curricular plan tailored to meet your specific needs and goals.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive advisement
  • Application preparation and assistance
  • Rigorous science coursework
  • Unique PB-PMHPP courses designed exclusively to meet the specific needs of post-baccalaureate students pursuing both career-changer and enhancement tracks

The PB-PMHPP course work is unique to Duquesne University and is not offered in such a comprehensive manner anywhere else.

How We Help You:

  • Our advisors work alongside you to help you get the necessary pre-requisite coursework to enhance your academic record
  • Help you become better prepared to achieve higher scores on required entrance exams (eg MCAT, DAT, OAT)

Advising & Support

While rigorous and challenging, the PB-PMHPP provides a supportive and positive environment for its students at Duquesne University.  This is a small and intimate program, with approximately 7-10 students/cohort and a total PB-PMHPP enrollment/year varying annually between 15-25 students. In addition to getting to know classmates well, the PB-PMHPP students often develop very close relationships with the PMHPP staff. These positive relationships not only facilitate the quality of individualized advisement, personalized curricular planning, counseling, and student support, but also assist the PMHPP in helping each student find his or her "best fit" for graduate medical and health professional education.

The PB-PMHPP advisors assist students in:

  • identifying strengths and weaknesses in their professional preparation and experiences
  • provide guidance and evidence-based recommendations to help them identify and secure appropriate opportunities to improve their professional portfolios.

 PB-PMHPP students are expected to be actively engaged in their own development and preparation, and it is the students' responsibility to identify the professional schools they hope to apply to and become knowledgeable of the unique requirements of those schools. This information is shared with the PB-PMHPP advisors, so that they may better assist the students in their preparations and application/admission processes.

The PB-PMHPP features:

  • Individualized academic plans
  • Individualized and comprehensive advisement
  • Assistance with application process for up to 3 years after program completion
  • Specialized PMHPP course work with "0" additional credit load

Only students enrolled in the PB-PMHPP Certificate Program will receive this enhanced advisement and support. Certificate students applying to medical and dental schools who meet the Duquesne eligibility requirements will be granted a Duquesne University endorsement/committee letter. Non-Certificate PB-PMHPP students will be assisted with the application submission process, but will not be eligible for the Duquesne University endorsement/committee letter nor services beyond the time of enrollment in the PB-PMHPP.


Program Information

An individualized post-baccalaureate certificate program to enhance or gain the knowledge needed to apply to medical and health professional schools.




image of post-baccalaureate graduate

As an adult student returning to the academic world, I was blown away by the PMHPP staff’s support. They ensured I took the correct classes and guided me through the application process for PA school. This program made entry into professional school a seamless process and prepared me for the rigorous coursework ahead.

Danielle L. Jackson
Post-Baccalaureate graduate

Pursuing a future in medicine can be daunting and often challenging. The PMHPP guided me through the entire process, and the unique opportunities helped me prepare for my future career. Most important to me, was the spirit of collaboration throughout the program, it provided a support network that I found vital.

Luke Nealley
Post-baccalaureate graduate

I attended the certificate program as a career changer and the structure of having a formal program proved invaluable as the PMHPP provides classes on the careers in medicine and the application process, plus research and volunteering opportunities. I have zero regrets choosing this program to prepare me for medical school.

Melody Hahn

PB-PMHPP Program Options

The Certificate Option is designed for students who require at least one year of pre-requisite coursework to become eligible to apply to professional schools. Students applying to the Certificate Option must designate whether they are interested in the Enhancement or Career Changer Pathway; further information for these pathways is below. The PB-PMHPP is not designed to assist students who have already applied to or are in process of applying to medical, dental, or other health professional school simultaneously with making application to the PB-PMHPP; this is NOT a "glide or growth year" program. Therefore, applicants to the PB-PMHPP are discouraged from taking entrance exams (eg. MCAT, DAT) until they have completed the Duquesne program. Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Requirements.


Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Requirements

To successfully complete the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Certificate Program, a PB-PMHPP student must earn a minimum of 24 credits at the university, as stipulated in the student's individual PB-PMHPP contract and meet the academic standards delineated below. Failure to meet all of these standards will result in a change of status and/or dismissal from the PMHPP.

  • Achieve an overall final GPA of 3.25
  • Achieve an overall science/math GPA and science GPA of 3.0
  • Meet all programmatic requirements as stipulated in the student's individual Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program Contract
  • Be in good standing with the University, (school and department), and the PMHPP

While all curricular plans for the Certificate Program are individualized and designed uniquely to meet students' needs, we strongly recommend that all students include at least one non-science course each semester in order to help prepare them for the non-math/science professional expectations required of all medical and health care professionals, including admission examination (eg, MCAT, DAT) critical thinking and reasoning sections, professional school interviews, and future clinical practice expectations. Typically, Certificate Program students take three sciences and one non-science course in each semester. Post-Baccalaureate students take classes with both undergraduate and graduate students at the University.

PB-PMHPP Certificate students are required to enroll in a minimum of two (0 credit) PB-PMHPP courses over the time of their enrollment. These courses are designed to provide PB-PMHPP students with basic training in medical skills and health safety requirements including, but not limited to HIPAA training, blood-borne pathogen training, hand washing, gloving, sterile field, and other health and safety training and assessments. Students also are introduced to inter-professional education and evidence-based practice, and the anatomy, pathophysiology, and terminology of the cardiorespiratory, neurological, and gastrointestinal systems.

To provide students with more options upon matriculation from Duquesne and make them more attractive candidates to medical, dental, or other health professional programs, some PB-PMHPP students also choose to couple their Certificate work with the pursuit of masters degree.  A student enrolled in the Duquesne University PMHPP Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program may choose to couple his/her certificate studies with a master's degree to enhance the learning experience and gain additional qualifications. While a student may choose to pursue a degree in any field, there are 3 master's degree options that are directly related to healthcare and complement the pre-medical requirements.  This Certificate-Masters Option generally requires two full years of study. Admissions to these programs are facilitated by the PMHPP. PB students pursuing masters degrees are eligible for graduate aid, whereas certificate (only) students are not eligible and must rely on monies remaining in their undergraduate aid pool. The PB-PMHPP currently has three options for masters degrees under this program:

  • Master of Arts in Health Care Ethics
    • Students who have the majority of their science requirements met or those who are interested in expanding their understanding of social and ethical issues in health care may wish to combine the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate with a Master of Arts in Health Care Ethics. The M.A. degree program includes a total of ten courses (30 credits), one required course plus nine courses selected from the general Healthcare Ethics courses. The required course is a general graduate-level introduction to ethics. The nine HCE courses will be chosen by the student with advisement according to the student's interest.
  • Master of Science in Biotechnology
    • The Master of Science in Biotechnology is designed to provide advanced graduate training in the natural sciences, while enabling students to consider other career options for their scientific knowledge through coursework in business, ethics and leadership. Duquesne biotechnology students learn not just science, but also how to participate and lead technical development teams and how to use their background in the diverse career opportunities within biomedicine. The M.S. in Biotechnology combines advanced training in the sciences with instruction in the essentials of regulatory affairs, medical devices, commercial research and product development.
  • Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
    • With rapid advances in technology, and as generations live longer, more active lives, the demand for biomedical devices, procedures and other solutions continues to grow as well. Biomedical engineers with advanced degrees have even more opportunities for expanded responsibilities. This 32-credit MS-BME program is designed to be flexible to serve both full-time students and working professionals. Students will have significant opportunities for research in state-of-the-art labs, working alongside accomplished faculty. Graduates of the program will have the experience to perform research and engineering design in a variety of healthcare settings.

*Admissions requirements vary by program, and acceptance is not guaranteed. Supplemental application materials submitted to PMHPP will be shared when application is made to these programs; however, applicants also may be required to provide additional application materials and/or essays.

Students interested in one of the master's degree options should apply first to the PB-PMHPP through the online application, and then await further instructions regarding the master's application, once accepted to the PB-PMHPP. Should a student choose to pursue a master's degree program not listed above, it would be the student's responsibility to meet all requirements of that alternative masters degree program, and to pursue the application requirements independently.


Applicants who need less than 24 credits to meet their admission requirements for medical, dental, or other health professional program or admission examination pre-requisites, and prefer a more independent approach may be interested in pursuing the PB-PMHPP Non-Certificate Program. As with the Certificate Program, students will work with a PB-PMHPP advisor to create individualized curricula. Students in this Non-Certificate Program are not eligible to enroll in the PB-PMHPP courses and are not eligible for PB-PMHPP Certificates, Duquesne University endorsement/committee Letters, or assistance with the preparation of their applications. They will be eligible for assistance with the submission of their professional school letters. Students in this program are required to complete all coursework in no more than 24 months or two years (whichever occurs first).

However, if you want to have access to all the benefits the PB-PMHPP has to offer, the certificate option, whether coupled with a master's option or not, is the best route.


The Enhancement Pathway is designed to assist students who have coursework in science and math, but who still wish to enhance or complement their background to become a better qualified medical, dental or other health professional applicant. A unique curricular plan is developed for each student that will complement and enhance that student's background. These plans are typically one year, but will depend on individual student needs. To maximize the benefits of this path, students should be knowledgeable of the requirements of the medical or professional schools they intend to apply to so that they are aware of any additional requirements or expectations of applicants to those programs (eg. research experience).

The Certificate Option is not designed to assist a student who plans to simultaneously apply to medical or health professional schools along with submitting an application to the PB-PMHPP Certificate Option to fill his/her glide or growth year.

Regardless of background, applicants to this program are strongly discouraged from taking any standardized graduate admissions test (ie. MCAT, DAT, GRE, OAT) needed for medical or professional school in preparation to apply to Duquesne's Post-Baccalaureate Program. However, if an admissions test was taken previously, applicants are required to submit their scores with their application. Applicants are advised that professional schools will see all admission exam scores taken before and after matriculation to Duquesne.

The Duquesne PB-PMHPP application cycle opens November 1, and applications should be received by April 1st to ensure student needs can be met. However, complete applications may be considered for review at the discretion of the PB-PMHPP based upon space availability until June 1st. The PB-PMHPP cannot guarantee course availability for applicants who apply after April 1st. Therefore, applicants are HIGHLY encouraged to apply as soon as possible There is no spring admission cycle.

The Career Changer Pathway is designed for students who have little to none of the pre-requisite coursework required for admission to medical or professional school. Typically, students admitted to this pathway come from diverse career backgrounds and life experiences. The length of study in this pathway typically takes two years plus one summer, depending on individual student needs. Career Changer applicants who would like the option to begin the PB-PMHPP during the summer are encouraged to have their completed application to the PB-PMHPP no later than February 1.

The curricula for Career Changer students are uniquely designed to meet the basic requirements of medical or professional schools. This pathway also is structured to prepare applicants for the standardized admissions test for their area of interest. It should be noted that students will be required to research the medical or professional schools they intend to apply to so they are aware of any additional program requirements.

The Duquesne PB-PMHPP application cycle opens November 1, and applications should be received by April 1st, although by February 1st is highly recommended. 

However, complete applications may be considered for review at the discretion of the PB-PMHPP based upon space availability in the program until June 1st. The PB-PMHPP cannot guarantee course availability for applicants who apply after April 1st. Students are HIGHLY encouraged to apply as soon as possible There is no spring admission cycle, and only complete applications will be considered for admission by the required deadline.

PB-PMHPP Application Steps

PB-PMHPP Application

The on-line application is now open.

Complete the on-line graduate application. Please choose graduate from the drop-down menu with the area of study as Post-Bacc Pre-Med.

**Weekend Pharmacy or Second Degree Nursing applicants should NOT fill out the Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical and Health Professions application. Please apply to those programs specifically.

Submitting Supplemental Materials

After hitting submit, the application checklist will appear with supplemental items that will need to be sent to the PB-PMHPP office in order to complete your application. Some materials may be uploaded on-line directly by you, while others need to be official documents. Please see an explanation as to what is needed below:

Items that may be uploaded by the applicant include:

  • Completed Math/Science GPA worksheet. Note: all post-secondary math and science (biology, chemistry and physics) course work must be included; if a course was taken more than once, ALL attempts should be included in the calculation.
  • A personal statement, maximum one page in length, (single-spaced, 12pt. font), describing your professional goals, why you want to study that discipline, what you have done to prepare for that discipline and what you hope to gain from the Pre-Medical and Health Professions Post-Baccalaureate Program specifically. (You should not be using a general personal statement that you have used for other applications.) Note: If also planning to apply to one of our dual masters programs, you may need to include a separate, brief statement as to why you wish to pursue that degree path.
  • A CV or resume that includes all of your volunteer, research, shadowing, employment and/or other pre-application experiences that support your intent to pursue medical or health professional programs (eg. medical scribe, dental observations). Please provide information about those experiences that includes a description of the experience, time interval, total hours, and summary of activities/responsibilities.
  • Copies of any previously submitted professional school applications (e.g. AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc.) made to medical or health professional schools

Items that MUST be sent from official source:

  • Official transcripts sent directly from ALL post-secondary institutions where you earned credit. These should be sent electronically (preferred) from the post-secondary institution to pmhppFREEDUQUESNE or we also accept official transcripts via US Mail. Please do not send transcripts to the Admissions office.
  • Two letters of recommendation that speak to your academic ability, social skills, qualifications for your intended profession, and other professional attributes. These letters should be written with the specific intent to attend the PB-PMHPP. Letters may be sent one of two ways:
    • Via email by including your recommender's contact information on the application in which they will be sent further instructions on how to send the letter electronically.
    • Via US mail by giving them the printed instructions included in the application. These letters should be in sealed envelopes with the recommender's signature written across the back.
  • We do not encourage nor require you to take graduate admissions tests, however, if you have already done so, please submit official score reports of all graduate tests taken. (e.g. MCAT, DAT, GRE, or OAT) You must submit copies of all official score reports. Failure to report your attempts and scores could result in your dismissal from the program, if admitted.

Any items being mailed may be sent to:

Duquesne University Pre-Medical and Health Professions Programs
600 Forbes Avenue
700 Fisher Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15282

The PB-PMHPP application deadline has been extended to June 1st; the application and supplemental materials must be submitted by this deadline.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, but no later than June 1st. While the PMHPP may accept applications after this date at their discretion, course availability cannot be guaranteed.

New cohorts begin each fall only. A career changer student may request to begin a pre-requisite course sequence over the summer in order to expedite his/her timeline, depending on timing and availability.

Note: Career Changer applicants are encouraged to apply before February 1, if, upon acceptance, they plan to begin classes during the summer of the application year.

Please note that if any false, misleading or non-factual information submitted as part of the application and/or enrollment process is discovered it will be cause for immediate rescindment of an interview or acceptance.

Admission Information

  • Hold an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university
  • Have a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale; relevant post-baccalaureate coursework also will be considered.
  • Have a minimum 2.75 Math/Science GPA for all relevant math/science coursework, and this includes ALL attempts, taken from all institutions attended
  • Submit final transcripts that demonstrate no final D or F grades, with no more than one repeat of courses in which D or F grades were earned.
  • Have chosen a specific medical or health discipline to pursue
  • Have demonstrated knowledge and experiences in the area of interest (eg, shadowing, volunteer, observation experiences)
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident of the United States

Special consideration will be given to students who have not taken the professional school admission test (eg, MCAT, DAT, OAT, or GRE); however, if an applicant has taken one of those the examinations before applying to the PB-PMHPP, they must share those results with the PMHPP and should not retake the examination until the PB-PMHP program is completed.
The online application for Fall 2024 is now open

  • Complete applications received before April 1st will be given priority for review and consideration; all supplemental materials must be received for an application to be considered "complete".
  • Our deadline has been extended to June 1st for completed applications. While applications may continue to be accepted after June 1st at the discretion of the PMHPP, we cannot guarantee course availability after this date.
  • A career changer applicant who has intentions of starting classes in the summer should apply to the PB-PMHPP no later than February 1.
  • If you are interested in the combined PMHPP Certificate-Masters option, you must gain acceptance into the PB-PMHPP BEFORE the application materials will be considered for the desired masters degree program
  • A Certificate-Masters applicant should NOT apply for his/her intended masters degree program through the University on-line graduate application unless instructed to do so from the PMHPP. The PMHPP will forward all supplemental application materials to your chosen program once acceptance into the PB-PMHPP is determined. An applicant applying to one of the masters programs is subject to that specific program's standards, deadlines, and space availability; admission to a masters program is not guaranteed even if a student is accepted into the PB-PMHPP.

The PB-PMHPP will not review an application that is not "complete". Incomplete applications or those received after the deadline will NOT be reviewed and will be automatically rejected by the program. It is the applicant's responsibility to be aware of all deadlines, and requirements.

The on-line application AND all supportive documents must be received by June 1st. We cannot guarantee course availability after this date.

Students who gain acceptance and matriculate into the PB-PMHPP must maintain the following standards to remain in the program:
  • No grade lower than a "C" in any course. A student may repeat a course once to achieve passing grade
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum semester GPA of 3.0; A student may fall below this semester GPA only once, but may not fall below this standard in any subsequent semesters
  • Minimum semester and overall math/science and science GPAs 3.0; A student may fall below the math/science and science GPA only once, but may not fall below this standard in any subsequent semesters
  • Must be in good standing with the University and, if enrolled in a master's degree program, within his/her respective degree program

The PB-PMHPP is an university program in the Academic Affairs Division at Duquesne University. The cost of the Post-Baccalaureate program for the 2022-2023 Academic Year is $1421.00 per credit for tuition. If a student also enrolls in a masters level course of study, they may be charged the tuition differential for the masters program should that program rate be higher.

Eligibility for educational loans is determined by each student's individual financial aid profile.

  • Students who choose to pursue master's level study are eligible to be considered for graduate financial aid.
  • Students pursuing the Post-Baccalaureate certificate (only) are eligible to be considered for undergraduate aid depending upon their usage of funds for their bachelor degrees.
  • Non-certificate applicants are not eligible for federal aid at any level.

Students are strongly encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office for further information regarding Federal Stafford loans and financial aid questions at 412-396-6607.

Recent Placements

The average class size for the Post-Baccalaureate PMHPP (PB-PMHPP) over the past five years is approximately seven students/year, with approximately half of those students seeking the post-baccalaureate certificate as enhancement students. The total number of schools that the PB-PMHPP students have been accepted to also has been small but within or above the national placement rates. Below are the names of the universities to which our PB-PMHPP students have been accepted between 2016-2022.

Dental School Acceptances

Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine, Temple University, University of Buffalo, University of Pittsburgh, Western University of Health Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, University of Connecticut, University of Maryland, Rutgers University, AT Still University, Virginia Commonwealth University

Medical School Acceptances
Allopathic Medicine (MD): Geisinger/Commonwealth SOM, Penn State University, Ross University, St. George University, Temple University, University of Maryland, University of Pittsburgh, West Virginia University, Howard University, Rutgers University, University of South Carolina, Virginia Commonwealth University, Uniformed Services University, Marshall University SOM

Osteopathic Medicine (DO): Campbell University, Lake Erie COM (all campuses), Philadelphia COM, Touro College (California), University of New England COM, Virginia COM, West Virginia COM, University of Idaho COM

Physician Assistant School Acceptances

University of Dayton, Lock Haven University, University of Charleston

Physical Therapy School of Acceptances

Duquesne University

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the PB-PMHPP needs transcripts for every college level course you have taken, including study abroad courses and/or college in high school course work. The transcripts must be official, and arrive via mail in a sealed envelope or preferably sent electronically directly from your institution's Registrar to
Each applicant's completed application is individually reviewed. We are not able to tell you over the phone or via email what your chances are of getting into the program, so please do not ask. The program is quite competitive; therefore, not only do we encourage early application, but we also encourage all candidates to clearly articulate their goals and desires in the required personal statement (in the supplemental materials) and become familiar with the information available for prospective students on the appropriate web pages (eg. AAMC or PAEA).
Each student's curricular plan is unique and developed with consideration for previous classes taken as an undergraduate. If selected to interview, your curriculum options will be discussed at that time to give you a general idea of your curricular plan, if accepted. 
Typically, for a career changer pathway applicant, it is two years and most likely will include a summer term. For the enhancement pathway, it is typically one year. Timelines depend upon the individual needs of each student. Career changer applicants are encouraged to apply by February 1st if they would like the option to start in the summer of the year of application.
Yes. All attempts must be calculated into your GPA, as this is the same way GPAs will be calculated by the centralized application services.
Financial aid is available in the form of loans. No scholarships or grants are available. Students should work closely with the university financial aid office to determine their eligibility.
The PB-PMHPP does not have specific MCAT/DAT prep classes in the program; however, over the past year the PMHPP has begun providing free introductory workshops from several different test prep companies to help interested students decide on their needs for MCAT/DAT prep. We know that our science courses at the university contain all of the required content for the MCAT/DAT exams. Students can opt to take an MCAT prep class from any outside agency. Numerous options are available in the downtown area, including classes held on Duquesne's campus. We also offer 1 free full-length practice exam for students as well as provide a plethora of free study and prep resources through the PMHPP library.
Students do have the option of living in the University's Living and Learning Centers, if space is available. Interested students should contact the Office of Residence Life directly to inquire about this. Most students choose to live off campus in the surrounding areas, such as South Side, North Oakland, Shadyside, and Mount Washington.
Yes, generally, any science course over 6 years should be repeated.
No, these are neither required nor encouraged. The purpose of the PB-PMHPP is to prepare you for these exams; therefore, they should not be taken before completing the program. However, if you took them for a previous medical or professional school application, you are required to submit them as part of your application.
No, you can apply with your current transcripts. If accepted, you will be required to submit your final official transcript.
Yes, any undergraduate major can apply to the PB-PMHPP.
No, there is no fee to submit an application.