Rangos Prizes Pitch Competition

For the annual Rangos Prizes Pitch Competition, Duquesne University faculty and students formulate ideas for engaging with community partners and creating new approaches to pedagogy.

2023 New Applicant Winners

  • Anatomy Lab
    Rebecca Maatta, Anne Burrows, and Ben Kivlan
  • Sound Walk
    Nicole Vilkner
  • Sleeping, Not Slacking
    Rehana Leak and James Schreiber
  • Community-Engaged Voice Screenings for Teachers
    David Ford, Megan Mathias, and Kathryn Leash
  • Developing New Senior Inorganic Chemistry Laboratories
    Paul Lummis and Jordan Kelly
  • Continuum of Care Across the Lifespan
    Cara Morrill-Stoklosa, Urmi Ashar, Christine D’Antonio, Maura O’Neill, and Madisyn Neundorfer

2023 Advancing Applicant Winners

  • Game-Based Legal Education
    Richard Heppner Jr.
  • Developing Cultural Sensitivity to LGBTQIA Health Care Needs
    Christine O’Neil, Susan Kelly, MaryKay Loughran, Ralph Klotzbaugh, and David Zimmerman
  • Voices from the Hill
    James Purdy
  • Duquesne Digital Health Initiative
    Michael Perry, Rebecca Schoen, Amber Fedin, and Pamela Koerner
  • How To Mind Your Brain
    John Dall’Aglio

Rangos Prizes Competition 2023 Finalist Videos