According to the United States Census Bureau, "Despite making up nearly half the U.S workforce, women are still vastly underrepresented in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) workforce."

The AAUW explains that the "STEM Gap," as they refer to it, occurs due to various factors, including gender stereotypes and fewer role models. Considering these factors, our aim is to establish a strong, inclusive community comprised of Duquesne University students, postdoctoral fellows, staff and faculty to promote gender equity, diversity and the advancement of Duquesne women in STEM and related fields.

The goals of Women in STEM at Duquesne University (WIS@DU) are as follows:

  • Recognize those affiliated with the Duquesne Women in STEM organization for their scientific, teaching and community achievements.
  • Explore research and lived experiences of females in STEM fields at Duquesne and in the broader community.
  • Advocate for gender equity in STEM fields at Duquesne and in the broader community.
  • Identify positive strategies for all professional stages to navigate successful STEM and health sciences careers.
  • Provide a strong network of professionals committed to gender equity in science who are willing to support and serve as role models for both graduate students and their peers.

WIS@DU hosts public workshops to discuss professional and personal development, as well as provide opportunities for women in the Duquesne University science community. Workshops are open to all members of the Duquesne Community. See Women in STEM Collections!

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