• Tuition is reviewed and adjusted each year.
  • In addition to tuition, graduate students may also incur fees for administrative services, room and meals, if applicable.

Tuition Rates 2022-2023

Per Credit 25% Tuition Award Eligible* (Per Credit)
M.M. Music Performance $1,902  
M.M.T. Master of Music Therapy $1,427 $1,070
M.M.T. Equivalency Master of Music Therapy (Equivalency) $1,427 $1,070
  Sacred Music $1,902  
Artist Diploma Music Performance $1,902  
  Chamber Music $1,902  

*25% Tuition Award

Duquesne University is offering a 25% tuition award for select graduate degrees.

If you are interested, you must apply and be accepted to one of the eligible programs. Please visit the website of the eligible program for specific application information.

If you are accepted, enroll and meet the eligibility requirements for the Summer 2022, Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 semesters, the 25% award will be applied to your student account.

Questions? Please contact Todd Eicker, Director of Graduate Admissions at (412) 396-6219 or eickertFREEDUQUESNE or the Office of Financial Aid at (412) 396-6607.