Special Fees 2024-2025

Miscellaneous Deposits/Student Fees
Matriculation Deposit
(reserves student's place in class; credited to Fall semester bill)
Residence Hall Application Fee
(upper class students; credited to Fall semester bill)
**New Student Fee  $303
***International Services Fee $125
Fees for Specific Schools/Programs
Law School Fees (per semester) $585
Enjoyment of Music Course Fee $35
Pharmacy Student Activities Fee (Years 3-6)
(per semester)
MS Biomedical Science -Network, Technology & Admin Fee $1,500
Nursing Technology Fee: Freshman (Billed Fall only) $220
Nursing Technology Fee: Sophomore (Billed Fall only) $1,750
Nursing Technology Fee: Junior (Billed Fall only) $1,130
Nursing Technology Fee: Senior (Billed Fall only) $1,200
Second-Degree Nursing - Final Fall Term Technology Fee $160
Administrative Fees
*Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Administrative Fee; full time students - per semester (excluding Law Students) $1,925
*Tuition Remission/Tuition Exchange Administrative Fee; part time students - per credit (excluding Law Students) $151
Credit by Examination (per semester hour granted as recognition of course proficiency) $30
Continuing Registration Fee $889

*Students attending Duquesne University using either the tuition remission or tuition exchange benefit will have an administrative fee applied per semester.

**A one-time fee for all new undergraduate students (freshmen and transfer). It is used to cover the costs and opportunities (programming, communications, materials, etc.) associated with student transition to Duquesne University.

*** A one-time fee charged to all new international graduate students. It is used to cover the cost of international student orientation, immigration services, and the international student support services.