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Chapel of the Holy Spirit at Duquesne University

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Mass Intentions

A "+" denotes that the intended is deceased.

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Week of December 8, 2018
Mass Intention Archives
Fall 2018
Summer 2018
Prayer List

Please remember in prayer those with special intention

Gary Goedert
Linda Blahut
Marion Nowak ~ DU alum and grandfather of BSNES student, Catherine Michalski
George Koehler ~brother of Brian Koehler, mailing services Jessica Orgovan and Family
Dawna Horton
General Michael Hayden
Becca Josephic
Richard S. Zolinas ~ father of Robin Zolinas, Marketing and Communications
Helen Gibb and FamilyAnton Rumph ~ brother of Tamia Pringle, Admissions
Anton Rumph ~ brother of Tamia Pringle, Admissions
Thomas Burick
Maria Aveni Kroniser
Fr. John Trimbur
Bradley Yoder
Paul Lojpersberger
Kevin Hancock and Family
James Mentzer and Family
Annie Stubbert ~sister of Lauren Stubbert, BSNES student
Sam Langol
Brendan Ley
Michael Grandillo
Jacob Tissue ~ nephew of Father Vince Stegman
Lauren Martinez and family
Meaghan Flanigan ~ daughter of Theresa and Sean Flanigan, DU alums
Christine Toth ~ sister of Stephen Steinbeiser, SCM retiree
The Bill Douglas Family
Carrie Flickinger
Judge Mike McCarthy
Ellare Cortazzo ~ Mother of Frank Cortazzo, Public Safety
Mary McIntyre
Sue Leroy
Rick Kapusta
Scott L. and Family
Jim Jr
Jeanne Sidoruk
Christina Voloch
Ann Jaworowski
Dan Schwab
Ray Visconti
Thomas Michael Przybysz ~ father of Mary Przybysz, DU Alum
Jean Deshler
Sarah Gibb
Ambrose Gargani
Lena Sciulli ~ Grandmother of Denise Sciulli
Camille Copeland
Dale Weber
Lorraine Piermani
Tiffany Coury
Leona Mueller
Carol B.
Dr. Martin Mihm
Terri Zombek
Kathleen Larkin
Dennis, Mathew, and Michael
The Aviles Family
Pete Mahoney
Special Intention
Rich Burgess
Don Moskiewski ~ CTS employee
Matt and Susan
Infant Riley Isabelle Turner
Larry Domitrovic
Bryan McNalley
Bill Reithmiller
James Peck
Kay Walborn ~ Grandmother of Tanner Thomas, BSNES student
Lynn Cipriani
Denise Dinwiddie
Karen Schott
Special Intention
Robert Ravasio
Ned Cash
Infant Lilliana
Rose Cestra ~ sister-in-law of Denise Sciulli
Valerie Romanozich ~ daughter of Arlene Miller, School of Law

For those who have died+

Margaret Orgovan ~ Grandmother of Jessica Orgovan, BSNES student

Matt Ireland ~ Former DU employee, Associate Director of Residence Life

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, and let your perpetual light shine upon them. May their soul and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


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Other Worship Sites

Crossroads Christian Fellowship
Crossroads Christian Fellowship offers weekly gatherings for Christian denominations, along with retreats, Bible studies and faith sharing opportunities. For more information email crossroadsemail@gmail.com

Muslim Student Association
The Muslim Student Association organizes faith-filled activities and events for Muslim Students and the entire University. The University provides separate prayer rooms for men and women in the Spiritan Campus Ministry Center on the first floor of Towers.    

Jewish Student Organization
The Jewish Student Organization works to provide community for Jewish students on campus. Contact jsoduq@gmail.com

Orthodox Christian Fellowship
Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a community of orthodox believers. Contact: Fr. Radu Bordeianu at 412.396.6526 or bordeianur@duq.edu


Other Worship Sites

Chapel Weddings

Requirements for having a
Wedding at Duquesne

  • Either bride or groom must be a current student, an alum, or an employee of the University
  • Either bride or groom must be Roman Catholic
  • If either party has been married previously, there is paperwork that must be in place before the wedding can be scheduled


  • The suggested donation for the Chapel is $200.
  • This does not cover the cost of musicians

Musical Services

  • You may hire qualified pastoral musicians by contacting the Mary Pappert School of Music (412.396.6080)

Pastoral Services

  • You must provide a priest for the ceremony.
  • You may personally ask one of the Spiritans here at Duquesne, your parish priest, a friend of the family or a family member who is an ordained priest of the Roman rite.


Available Wedding Times

  • Weddings are on Saturdays at 11 am, 1 pm, or 3 pm
  • You can access the chapel 1/2 hour before the ceremony. The entire ceremony (including photographs) may only last 90 minutes after the scheduled start time of the wedding. For this reason, there is to be no receiving line.


Together for life - Getting married and staying married can be quite a challenge! Together for Life Online was developed as a community of engaged couples, married couples, and ministers to help couples build strong, life-long marriages with God.

For questions and scheduling please contact Debbie Kostosky: 412.396.6021 or kostosky@duq.edu

Liturgical Ministry
Students, faculty, staff and administrators are encouraged to participate in the special ministries of our liturgies. Register online to take part as a liturgical volunteer.


Commitments of Liturgical Ministers

Liturgical ministers are responsible and conscientious, fulfilling all assignments. Liturgical ministers are asked to adjust personal schedules to help meet the needs of four weekly Masses. Liturgical ministry is an expression of stewardship, and is a rewarding opportunity to share your time and talent with the faith community.

View the Liturgical Minister Schedule

Ministry Scheduler Pro - Click to access your schedule online
Register online to take part
as a liturgical volunteer.

Position Descriptions



This liturgical ministry is for both the male and female student. The acolyte assists the priest at Mass. Acolytes prepare the sanctuary before Mass and places everything away after the Liturgy. The acolyte participates at Mass by praying and singing with all in the assembly.



This liturgical ministry is for the male and female Catholic who is fully initiated, i.e., having received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. The proclaimer does not just read the sacred scripture to those assembled at Mass. The proclaimer prepares for the proclamation of the reading throughout the week, make that scripture reading prayer. The proclaimer possesses a deep love of scripture.

Minister of hospitality

Minister of Hospitality

This ministry is for the male and female student to lead all gathered at Mass in sung prayer. The minister is observant and ready to serve when any need arises. They greet people at the doors, help seat those who arrive for Mass, take up the collection, and pass out weekly bulletin at the door. The minister possesses a wealthy of kindness for all that gather at Mass.

Minister Of Communion

Extraordinary Minister of Communion

This liturgical ministry is for the male and female Catholic who is fully initiated, i.e., having received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. In the absence of the ordinary ministers (priest and deacon) those liturgical ministers offer the Body and Blood of Christ to those who come forward to the altar to receive the Holy Sacrament. The extraordinary minister of Holy Communism possesses a deep love of the Eucharist and needs to be formally commissioned.



This liturgical ministry is for the male and female student to lead all gathered at Mass in sung prayer. The cantor is welcoming and inviting as the assembly sings prayer and Liturgy. Never overpowering the people, the cantor leads the prayer through the ministry of singing. The cantor must be familiar and comfortable with the various musical compositions.



This liturgical ministry is for the male and female Catholic who is fully initiated, i.e., having received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. it is the ancient custom of the Church to sing the psalm at Liturgy. As the scripture readings are proclaimed from the ambo, so the psalmist proclaims the psalms in song form the ambo.



This liturgical ministry is open to male and female individuals who wish to share their gift of song. The choir supports the assembly in the singing at Mass. There are opportunities for the choir to sing musical selections particular to their ministry. This liturgical ministry presupposes a commitment of time for both weekly rehearsals and participation at weekly Liturgy.



This liturgical ministry is for the male and female students who wish to share their gift of music.


Entering into the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Confession is not difficult. Yet, if we want to experience the sacrament in the most profound way, we must prepare by placing ourselves in the presence of God and praying for the wisdom, insight and humility to reflect honestly on our life.

Catholics seek healing and forgiveness through repentance and a resolve to change those parts of their lives that do not foster relationship with God and God's people. This reflection should involve searching one's thoughts, words and actions - an examination of conscience.

Click here to read more about Reconciliation.

Reconciliation is is available Monday through Friday at 11:30 a.m. and by appointment. The chapel is open to all for reflection and prayer.

New Risen Christ Sculpture

Artist Sebastian Touret's descriptions of the Risen Christ sculpture:

Risen Christ

It is quite an impressive mission to fine oneself having to represent Christ.

Is it even possible to show Him? We can evoke Him through an attitude, a gesture, within the challenges of carving and the reality of a material-oak wood in this case.

This oak, not long ago, was a living tree full of sap. It was cut down and became a beam, in a neat square shape, and lifeless.

The sculptor seizes it, and work begins as the precise tools bring out the sawdust and shavings.

The beam loses its rigidity, its inertia.

Thanks to your commissioning of the sculpture and to the sculpting work, a character appears-a man. The wood has become living, the most alive of the Living, the Risen Christ resurrected. He comes out of the tomb, springing from his shroud.

This sculpture has a twinned presence in Paris, which I sculpted with my late father, Jean Touret, for the Chapel of Orphans in d'Auteuil.

With hope this sculpture lives up to the huge ambition of the humble sculptor: creating an invigorating presence in this place of yours and in your midst.