No matter where you are on your faith journey, we welcome you to learn more about your faith at one of our faith formation events, join one of our faith sharing communities, or even spend a weekend away for a retreat! In campus ministry, you can form authentic relationships with your peers and find a community of faith to support you!

Faith Formation

If you are are just starting a relationship with God or looking for greater understanding about your faith, you are welcome to participate in our formation opportunities!

Thinking about becoming Catholic?
Baptized Catholic and want to be confirmed?

If so, we invite you to participate in the RCIA process. 

Any person seeking Baptism in the Catholic Church, baptized members of other Christian denominations wishing to join the Catholic Church, or baptized Catholics desiring first Eucharist and/or Confirmation are invited to participate in the RCIA and Confirmation process.

For more information on Adult Confirmation, contact Linda Donovan at (412) 396-1628 or

For more information on RCIA, contact Giovan Cuchapin at (412) 396-5045 or

No one walks alone in their faith journey. You are no exception. We all need someone who will help guide us. Each of the campus ministers on our Spiritan Campus ministry team are more than willing to meet with you on a regular basis to help discern your life's trajectory, talk with you through an issue you are facing, or pray with you. 

Faith Sharing

You belong here! There is a faith community waiting just for you.

Tuesday night Bible Study welcomes anyone who is looking for good company, to reflect on the Gospel of the coming Sunday, and to explore ways to bring God's Word into their daily lives.

Students meet at 6:00 pm on Tuesdays in Laval House, the cozy home on campus where our priests in campus ministry live!  A home-cooked meal is always on the menu.

The Tuesday night Bible Study is a formative experience...
  • Using sound Catholic Scripture scholarship as a foundation, the facilitators of the bible Study offer a brief reflection on the coming Sunday's Scripture.
  • Students engage in a time of small-group discussion and conversation
  • Groups then come together for a time of sharing. 
For more information contact university campus ministry director, Fr. Bill Christy at

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them." ~Matthew 18:20


Grow in relationship with Christ and with each other.
You will gather weekly with your group to share what's happening in your life, how you see God moving, and to experience various styles of prayer together. The goal of Encounter is to help you personalize your commitment and relationship with the Lord and to find forms of prayer that help you experience God's love in deeper ways, both in community with one another and alone.

Formed and Fashioned

Explore the gifts and strengths God has given us to build up His kingdom. 
Each of us has been uniquely knitted and formed in our mother's womb. God created each of us with a unreapeatable personality, gifts, and strengths. you will gather with your group weekly to grow in knowledge and understanding of the unique abilities, strengths,  and gifts God has given you. Through knowledge of yourself and others in your group, you will be able to understand the unique ways in which you can serve the Body of Christ and build up God's kingdom.


Living a life alive and empowered by the Holy Spirit
Who is the Holy Spirit, really? You will embark on a journey with the other members of your small group to explore how you see the Holy Spirit move in the lives of the lives of the prophets, in Jesus' ministry, and the early Church. You will learn about the gifts and fruits of the Spirit as well as the Spiritual gifts. 

Interested in joining a small group? Contact Brenda Merrick. 



Agape Latte is a monthly event that includes original music from students, free coffee and desserts, and a speech about faith from a Duquesne alum or faculty member. You can come learn about the faith life of professors that you see daily in the classroom!  Everyone is invited to attend, no matter their religious background. 

For more information or to join the student leadership team, contact Debbie Kostosky at
Food. Faith. Fun.

We invite you to meet with us for CIA! We are a group of Duquesne students who meet with our peers to share our faith, enjoy snacks, and engage in fun activities. At CIA, we strive to form a community where we support each other in our faith and encourage each other to become the best versions of ourselves. Each week, there will be different snacks, different activities, and a topic or theme to help us cultivate our faith.The topics are chosen by the students. Come join us for our Thursday meetings at 7:00 pm in the Spiritan Campus Ministry room in Towers 2nd floor or for one of our monthly service events! Even if you cannot make it every week, you are welcome to join us whenever you can!

Contact Aidan at to be added to our GroupMe or for information about what we will be doing each week. 

CEL is a student group that meets weekly to discuss important life and human dignity issues. In educating ourselves on all sides of an issue, we are able to make informed decisions and take responsible action. This action can be in the form of volunteering with organizations in the area, educating the campus community, or advocating for an issue that supports human dignity.

"I believe the Catholic moral tradition has something valuable to say in the face of the multiple threats to the sacredness of life today, and I am convinced that the Church is in a position to make a significant defense of life in a comprehensive and consistent manner."
~Cardinal Joseph Louis Bernardin

What is CEL?

CEL has a dual meaning. It represents the smallest unit of human life and stands for "consistent ethic of life." What is a consistent ethic of life? ThE concept is rooted in Catholic social teaching. The term itself was coined by Joseph Cardinal Bernardin in the early 1980's as he worked to bring together American Catholics on life issues, from abortion to nuclear war. His understanding of the term "pro-life" included several critical issues. Then the head of the U.S. Bishops Conference Pro-Life Committee, Bernardin spoke out in defense of life from the moment of conception to anything that attacks one's human dignity and the ability to live a healthy life until one is naturally called home to God.

CEL's Philosophy

A CEL philosophy encourages and supports life in all of its stages - from conception to natural death, addressing issues of...

  • Stem cell research
  • Abortion
  • Poverty
  • Capital Punishment
  • Children's Issues
  • AIDS
  • War
  • Euthanasia
  • Human Trafficking

CEL's Goals and Vision

  • Raise awareness and provide EDUCATION on issues affecting humankind from conception to natural death
  • ADVOCACY: Work to promote positive action towards worldwide solidarity, compassion, with other organizations and departments
  • OUTREACH: We strive to work to in the community to enhance the quality of life on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Responsible Action

Spiritan Campus Ministry sponsors two annual advocacy experiences that promote dialogue with our elected officials in regard to current issues affecting the dignity of human life.

  • March for Life is held each January in Washington, D.C. March for Life is a gathering of pro-life groups from across the United States that work to change the decision of Roe V. Wade that was passed in 1973, legalizing abortion.
  • Advocacy for Life experience, also in Washington D.C., is an opportunity for small groups of students to research legislation affecting the protection of human life and the dignity of the human person and that is about to be voted on in Congress. Students prepare two-minute presentations for members of Congress, explaining why they should support or denounce the legislation. This experience is a testament to the power of a small group of citizens to effect change.
Gather with us for our evening Mass at 6:00 pm. Following mass, share a home-cooked meal as a community in the Bayer Rotunda. 

For more information contact Debbie Kostosky at or Gio Cuchapin at


Spiritan Campus Ministry offers an opportunity to go on retreats in both the Fall semester and the Spring Semester! Don't miss your chance to participate in a weekend of friends, bonfires, and prayer!

The One Heart, One Spirit Opening Retreat at the Bethel Park Spiritan Center is a time for reflection and relaxation. After a busy and challenging start to the semester, you can travel with your peers by bus the first weeken of September to participate in many activities that enrich faith, create authentic relationships, and promote oneness with God. The weekend includes time for prayer, Eucharist, relaxation, recreation and getting to know other new students. Cost is FREE.

Contact our main office at (412) 396-6020 or email Brenda Merrick with any questions and to get registered. 

Freshman Reflection
At a university where academic excellence is the norm, peace of mind is not something easily attained by freshmen. After four weeks of this rigorous new curriculum the novelty begins to wear off and it transforms from an exciting new challenge into just another chore. With this in mind, the Freshman Retreat could not have been better timed. At the Spiritan Center in Bethel Park we found the Peace we needed. This was made available to us in a series of liturgies and group activities including a very moving Healing Prayer in which we were "Called by Name". After this deeply intimate spiritual weekend, we left the retreat house with our new friends and knowledge of ourselves, ready to face the challenges that faced us.

~Brendan Barker

In January of the Spring Semester, Campus Ministry offers a student-led retreat filled with testimonies, talks, games, and plenty of time to reflect and pray!

To get involved or to sign up, please contact Giovan Cuchapin at


What better way to have fun than by celebrating our saints, eating good food, and playing games with friends?

Spiritan Campus Ministry, Crossroads, and other interfaith groups get together to celebrate Halloween. We collaborate with DU Cares, Freshman Development, Residence Life, and CSI to be able to provide tasty food and prizes for best costume!
Spiritan Campus Ministry, Crossroads, and other interfaith groups get together to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We collaborate with DU Cares, Freshman Development, Residence Life, and CSI to be able to provide tasty food and giveaways.