University Archives and Special Collections

The collection consists of several volumes on permanent loan to the University library from the Spiritan USA Eastern Province, together with other publications of Spiritan interest that have been relocated from elsewhere within the library itself in print and in electronic form.   Printed materials are available for students and scholars on the first floor of the Gumberg Library in the University Archives section. 

The digital Spiritan Collection available online includes:

  • Notes et Documents Relatifs à la vie et à l'Oeuvre du Vénérable François Marie Paul Libermann (French) - 16 volumes of the writings of the Congregation's co-founder, Venerable Francis Libermann
  • Bulletin Général (French) - Chronicle of the Spiritan Congregation from 1874-1975
  • Spiritan Papers - Volumes 1-22 of Spiritan Papers, a publication of the Spiritan Studies Group
  • Spiritan Articles (English/French) - A collection of 87 articles related to the Spiritan Congregation
  • Spiritan Letters and Writings - Unpublished letters and other writings related to the Spiritan Congregation
  • Spiritan Books - The full-text of Birth of Missionary Spirituality, Claude François Poullart des Places, Le Feu sur la Terre and Where are you?
  • Spiritan Rule of Life and Chapter Documents - Includes: The Rules of the Congregation; Superior General Reports; Synopses des deux Règles
  • Our Province - Newsletter of the United States Province
  • Spiritan Horizons - A Duquesne Journal of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit
  • Mémoire Spiritaine - Journal about the history of the Spiritans, especially in their missionary works
  • Anthologie Spiritaine - Selected works of Claude François Poullart des Places and François Marie Paul Libermann
  • Spiritan Life and Spiritans Today - Publications focusing on the "lived experience, academic research, and pastoral reflection" of the Spiritans
  • Anniversary Diaries - Historical information about the lives of members of the Congregation
  • Duquesne Studies Spiritan Series - The nine volume series from the Duquesne University Press
  • ID Information Documentation and Anima Una - Each issue contains topics of interest and relevance to the Congregation and its mission
  • CSSP Newsletter - Newsletter sharing information about the Congregation
  • Missão Espiritana
  • Works by and about individual Spiritans - Claude Francois Poullart des Places.