After joining a Greek organization, your have the wonderful opportunity to live with your Brothers and Sisters. This is an experience unique to Greek Life that provides lasting memories of collegiate friendship, fellowship, and great fun!

Most of the Greek Chapters at Duquesne have Suites (or separate floors) in Towers Hall on campus. Greek chapter suites are fully-equipped homes that provide a comfortable living environment for much of the Greek Community.

There are also some chapters on campus which are unhoused. Members of unhoused chapters participate in all of the same activities as the Greek community and hold meetings at a set location to conduct business which may come before the chapter. 

The cost of living in a Greek suite is very competitive to other housing options in the Pittsburgh community, and residing in a suite is a great opportunity to meet more people and experience plenty of new things!

Spacious Campus Suites

The chapter suites are very spacious and cater to the needs of a college student. There are many features of a Greek home which members can take advantage of, such as: 

  • Full-time housekeeping staffs
  • Study lounges
  • Two members per bedroom
  • Computer rooms with internet and E-mail access
  • University-approved, live-in Resident Assistants, who serve as a resource to the chapter
  • Laundry facilities
  • Open kitchens
  • Cable
  • On-campus Security Staff
Duquesne Alpha Omicron Pi sorority sisters sitting together outside on campus

Sorority Housing

All chapters suites are located on campus, offering quick access to classes. Explore the videos in this section to view each sorority's housing accommodations.