The Center for Migration, Displacement and Community Studies engages you with critical issues of social justice related to human flows at the local, national, and international levels. Center-affiliated faculty work alongside you and community partners to promote scholarship, teaching, and community engagement in the field of Migration Studies across a wide range of disciplines. Become service-orientated through community engagement opportunities with long-term partnerships that provide support to local refugee and migrant service organizations and the communities that they serve in the Pittsburgh region.

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Student-Led Migration Club

Lead initiatives on campus and in the local community.

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Meet with Center mentors at Brown Bag Lunch events to develop your research.


Community Classroom

Engage with the local community through credit coursework.


Community Partner Internships

Ask us about connecting with one of our community partners for a local internship.

What We Stand For

With the Center for Migration, Displacement and Community Studies you will address critical issues of social justice related to human flows at the local, national, and international levels.
  • Migration is a global phenomenon of significant magnitude, and we are currently living in a time of unprecedented human displacement.
  • Migration Studies encompasses the forced or voluntary movement of persons from one place to another. In the present age, transnational migration sparks controversy, giving rise to numerous xenophobic movements in the United States and in many European countries, along with political instability and violence around the world. 
  • In response to the serious social, economic, and political consequences of migration and displacement, the Center supports research geared toward understanding these consequences and how to support service organizations and migrant communities in the Greater Pittsburgh area.
  • Center faculty will offer Community-Engaged courses in the field of migration, displacement and community studies.
  • The Center supports your research through awards, presentations, events, and mentorship.
  • Join the Migration Club which initiates humanitarian outreach to our local community, raises awareness on campus on various issues related to migration, displacement, and community building.

The mission of the Center is to foster scholarly inquiry and collaboration among Duquesne faculty, students, and community partners in order to:

  • Advance scholarly understandings of migration, displacement, and the integration of migrants into their communities and the impact of current political developments or crises on those communities
  • Support scholarly research and publication in the areas of migration, displacement, and immigrant integration
  • Influence public attitudes toward migrant populations in the spirit of Catholic teaching
  • Encourage partnership and collaboration between faculty, students, and community partners who work with migrant populations
  • Uphold the human dignity and well-being of migrants

Community Partners

The Center coordinates engagement and research opportunities between you, faculty, and community partners.
  • The After School Club aims to help immigrant and refugee high school students overcome educational and social barriers that hinder successful integration.
  • The After School Club generates hands-on learning experiences for students about the challenges facing refugee communities, and Duquesne students gain hands-on research experience with designing and collecting assessment information.
  • The program takes place on Duquesne University's campus and is a collaboration with partner agencies to engage students in activities focused on academic success, college and career readiness, celebration of culture and identity, and civic engagement.
  • The program encourages social and cultural integration through near-peer mentoring by local university students and field trips.
  • The After School Club was founded by ARYSE -- Pittsburgh's premier resource for immigrant and refugee youth.
  • Contact Dr. Jennie Schulze to get involved. 
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  • JFCS Refugee & Immigrant Services has worked with thousands of individuals and families over the years, helping them create new lives in our community after escaping unimaginable circumstances.
  • From resettling newly-arriving refugees to connecting people with critical resources for acclimating to live in our country, JFCS is present through every step of their journey.
Learn about JFCS
  • Reading to Play, Playing to Read is a community-engaged project that combines the learning goals of two Spanish courses: MLSP 302W-CE Composition and Conversation and MLSP 280 Spanish for Health Professionals.
  • Students from both courses collaborate to develop a 4-week program on health awareness and illness prevention culture for 5-8-year-old Hispanic children, who recently immigrated to the US. Hispanic children attend Beechwood Elementary school in the Beechview neighborhood.
  • Contact Dr. Lucía Osa-Melero to get involved.
  • The Rita M. McGinley Psychology Clinic is the primary training facility for the doctoral students in clinical psychology.
  • The Clinic's mission is to provide supervised training experience for the doctoral students, while offering affordable, professional clinical services to the Duquesne community and the general public.
  • The Clinic provides individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy as well as psychological assessment.
  • Contact Dr. Jessie Goicoechea to get involved. 
  • Help immigrant youth through the love of soccer.  
  • Open Field's mission is to improve the lives and futures of youth through sport.
  • Open Field's sport-based programming creates a safe space for youth to play and learn, with an educational topic connected to every practice and game. 
  • Youth participants take on leadership roles as coaches, referees, and methods to their peers. 
  • To get involved, contact Chloe Kinnahan or Justin Foranzo.
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Research in Migration Studies

Collaborate on research with your fellow students, faculty, and community partners. Apply to our yearly research awards and contribute to work in Migration Studies.
  • The Center hosts Brown Bag lunches among faculty and students to discuss research projects and funding in the area of migration, displacement and community studies
  • Sponsorship of an annual awards for faculty, undergraduate and graduate students
  • Sponsorship of conference attendance for the presentation of a co-authored paper between a faculty member and students
  • Hosting of research symposium with an invited external guest speaker annually and Duquesne students and faculty engaged as panelists
  • Tracking student theses and papers presented at the Undergraduate and Graduate Research Symposium in the fields of migration, displacement, and community
  • Providing Research Assistantships to interested students for course credits
  • Providing access to Community-engaged course opportunities
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