The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) promotes your excellence in teaching by getting to know faculty and graduate students, learning together, fostering leadership, and bringing everyone together from across the University. You can reach out to us for consultations, attend virtual or physical workshops, or engage the print and web resources on teaching and academic success. CTE helps you focus on implementing evidence-based, high-impact educational practices within Duquesne's amazing community of teachers and learners. 

Whether you're a faculty member or graduate student, CTE helps you to:

  • Implement sound instructional strategies focused on student learning by embracing evidence-based pedagogical ideas and a spirit of innovation. 
  • Create well-designed courses and curriculum that incorporate strong learning-assessment strategies resulting in deep learning. 
  • Succeed as teacher-scholars engaged in pedagogical development and academic research in whatever stage they are in (tenure-track, tenured, non-tenure track, adjunct, teaching assistants).
  • Approach personhood holistically with a view to understanding your students and yourselves as people balancing personal and academic demands. 
  • Feel like you belong and contribute to a community that values teaching excellence, collaboration and diversity.

Teaching Resources on DORI

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Choose from the events and resources offered to determine what best contributes to your professional and holistic development as an instructor at Duquesne.

All Duquesne faculty, staff, and graduate students are welcome to attend CTE's workshops. You can learn more about our workshops by following the link below.


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New to Duquesne? The Center for Teaching Excellence offers programs to welcome and orient you to the teaching community at Duquesne, as well as helping you with the transition to a new role (e.g., moving from adjunct or TA to full-time faculty).


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Every year, CTE celebrates the achievements of excellent faculty and graduate student instructors at Duquesne University. These events allow you an opportunity to formally celebrate with us and honor the achievements of faculty and graduate student award recipients (listed below for the most recent academic year) as well as the amazing support of peer leaders on campus and the hard work of those who have completed their Certificate of University Teaching. 

Recipients of the 2023-24 Creative Teaching Awards are:

  • The InnoPitch - Leda Kloudas (School of Science and Engineering), Yvonne Weideman (School of Nursing), and Staci Offutt (Palumbo-Donahue School of Business)
  • Sound Walk Project - Nicole Vilkner (Mary Pappert School of Music)
  • Teaching Foundations of Compassionate Care-Based Skills for Students of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) through a Behaviorally-Analytic Lens - Reva Mathieu-Sher (School of Education)
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The Teacher-Scholar Model

If you want to succeed as a teacher-scholar engaged in pedagogical development and academic research in whatever stage you are in (tenure-track, tenured, non-tenure track, adjunct, teaching assistants), CTE has a variety of resources at your disposal to help.

The Flourishing Academic is a Duquesne University multi-voice blog devoted to exploring the question, “How can we as teacher-scholars thrive in academia?”  The blog feature posts on teaching, learning, and academic career success by Duquesne faculty, graduate students, undergraduate students, and the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) staff, in addition to occasional guest writers from outside of the University. Hope you visit us often, comment actively, and teach enthusiastically!


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Each year, CTE forms a committee to review the teaching portfolios of our many talented graduate student instructors and teaching assistants. You can learn more about the award and the application process by following the link below.


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The purpose of the Creative Teaching Awards is to recognize faculty members who have implemented innovative ways of teaching and have assessed the impact of the innovation on student learning. The innovation may have been used at other institutions or in other fields, but must be newly adapted to your field at Duquesne. You can learn more about this award, previous recipients, and the application process by following the link below.


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Instructional Strategies and Course Design

Interested in revising some of your courses or switching up your instructional strategies? CTE is happy to collaborate with you to help implement sound instructional strategies focused on student learning by embracing evidence-based pedagogical ideas and a spirit of innovation.

Whether through consultations with CTE, preparing midsemester informal course evaluations, reflecting on Student Perception of Teaching end of semester evaluations, or conducting Peer Evaluations of Teaching, CTE is here to offer you assistance and support however possible.


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Interested in a professional development certification process for graduate instructors and teaching assistants? CTE created a certificate process to help build up the foundation of your teaching competencies as well as understand how to then present your teaching background as an asset on the academic job market.


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Holistic Development

You are a complex individual balancing multiple personal and academic demands -- and so are the students you teach and mentor! CTE works with you through professional development to think about, and engage, your personhood holistically with a view to understanding faculty and students as whole people.

Your unique identity brings necessary value to Duquesne, your discipline, your research, your teaching, and to your engagement with your peers and students. CTE strives to make all instructors and teaching assistants feel included on campus as well as provide you with the means to shape your classrooms and departments into inclusive and equitable spaces for others.


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Whether you're a mid-career tenure track faculty or a first year graduate student, CTE provides you with support and curates resources to help everyone pursue bigger professional goals.


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Contact us!

Feel free to reach out to us individually through our contact information here or generally via

Steven Hansen, Ph.D.

Director, Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence

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Erin Rentschler, Ph.D.

Associate Director for Faculty Development

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Jeff Lambert, Ph.D.

Assistant Director for Educational Development

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Bethany Kaser

Instructional Consultant for Teaching Assistants

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Center for Teaching Excellence Events

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Incorporating Climate Literacy into the Higher ED Classroom Weeklong Asynchronous Challenge

Register here for the Climate Literacy in the Higher ED Classroom Weeklong Asynchronous...

  • -
  • Virtual
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Celebration of Teaching Excellence

Join us for our annual celebration of the teaching accomplishments of Duquesne faculty...

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  • Power Center Ballroom
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Executive Skills Series Session 4: Maintaining Your Organizational Skill Set

The Executive Skills Series introduces key concepts related to executive functioning and...

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  • Virtual
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Preparing an Effective Case for Pre-Tenure Review, Promotion, and Tenure

Facilitators: Dr. David Dausey, Executive Vice President and Provost Dr. Anne Burrows,...

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  • Fisher Hall
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Inspired Teaching Retreat: Generationally Relevant Pedagogy

If you are . . . Noticing students having more difficulty in your classes these days Desiring...

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  • The Spiritan Center
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