Welcome! Learn more about our diversity, equity and inclusion practices!

We welcome you to learn more about our hiring practice of faculty, staff, and students and our dedication to attracting, retaining, and engaging a talented and diverse workforce. We strive to be a trusted partner in supporting the diverse talents you may bring to Duquesne University. You will discover at Duquesne University, you have the potential to be part of a diverse community committed to promoting bigger goals through educational excellence and moral and spiritual values.  

You will discover that our Social Impact  commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is seen in action every day on campus and led by our Inaugural Chief Diversity Officer. 

Human Resources Diversity, Equity, Programs and Initiatives

  • Partner with Chief Diversity Officer to renew and enhance DE&I training for hiring managers and to explore resources, tools, and support systems for employees of diverse backgrounds and allies to promote self-empowerment, peer support, and information;
  • Promote the University’s award-winning minority development internship program by sharing the participant stories.
  • Review compensation and pay structures for minority intern positions; advocate for and update salaries as needed.
  • Enhance community outreach efforts to increase pipeline of minority applicants;
  • Explore recruitment partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Minority Serving Institutions.
This award-winning program seeks to aid the professional development of those from underrepresented backgrounds. These are full-time, benefits eligible positions with the goal of finding those that may be unemployed or under employed. This is a year- long program with the opportunity to renew up to two years.  These minority professional development internship positions are spread throughout the various departments at Duquesne. We aim to help the professional development of the incumbents throughout their time in the program.  We currently have members who have graduated from this program and have moved onto Assistant Vice President, Manager, and Director level roles here at Duquesne.

The program has received regional and national recognition. 
  • Pittsburgh Human Resource Association - People Do Matter Award 2014
  • College and University Professional Association for Human Resources - Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion Award 2015
  • CUPA-HR - HR Excellence Award 2019

We take pride in sharing with you our Diversity Advocate Program, a group of faculty members throughout the University appointed to full-time faculty searches here at Duquesne. In collaboration with the Chief Diversity Officer and the Office of the Provost, Human Resources provides the members of this program with the proper training, skills, and abilities to help with our faculty searches. The goal of the Diversity Advocate Program is to ensure that the faculty search process is held to the same standard and that we are consistent with the approach each time. 

Minority Professional Development Internship Program

The Minority Professional Development Internship Program launched in 2007 with two fully funded positions and now comprises five fully-paid and benefits-eligible positions. The goal is to uplift the unemployed or under-employed. Contact our Diversity Recruiter to discover more information about the program and current opportunities.


Minority Professional Development Internship Program Testimonials

Academic Walk

"Two years ago, I came to Duquesne University as part of the Minority Development Internship Program. The transition from working in a corporate environment to an educational institution was made easy by the support and encouragement that I received through Human Resources. The dedication and investment made by the department that I was trained in adequately prepared me to be able to interview and secure a position within the University. This program exceeded my expectations in what it was able to do to introduce, support, train, and develop interns in such a short period of time."

Anita Hough Former Assistant Director of Admissions
Lamont Parker

My story is not just a story for minorities, but it’s a story of many young people, like me, who just want to pursue happiness. Not only will you have challenges, but also opportunities to discover your talents. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Lamont Parker, M.S. Web Design Manager, Marketing and Communications
Charita Bigstaff

The Minority Internship Development program is amazing. Their emphasis on personal development helped me with my phobia of public speaking, becoming more organized, and being more confident about working within the field of Information Technology. It led to my current position with the University. My mentor was with me every step of the way! I wish more people had the opportunity to access similar programs throughout the country."

Charita Bigstaff, Assistant Manager CTS 
Chase Loper

"Without the minority professional development internship, I would not be where I am today. It provided an opportunity for me to gain a wide range of experience and deep knowledge base of higher education, which as helped me find my niche within the industry. I am forever grateful to this program and the access and opportunity it continues to create."

Chase Loper Ed. D, Assistant Vice President - Business Services