One of the ways we live out our mission at Duquesne, to serve God by serving others, is by building authentic relationships with one another. We do this by being present, sharing stories and supporting each other.

Share an Act of Kindness

It's the season of giving, and we're encouraging our campus community to spread joy and kindness. Surprise a colleague with a coffee or their favorite snack. Leave a thankful or inspiring note on someone's desk. Treat a friend to lunch. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, makes a difference.

If you're the giver or recipient of an act of kindness this holiday season, share it with us! You can provide your name or remain anonymous. We'll share story submissions here, in an effort to spread joy and inspiration, and remind us that we are more than a place where people work—we are a community that cares for one another.

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Kindness on Campus

"I found this surprise note in my mailbox and it made me smile :) Not only did it remind me that kindness really is noticed and appreciated, but it also gave me an extra nudge to reject some of those daily temptations to be negative."


"What a nice surprise! I came into work and saw this on my desk. A beautiful card with a beautiful sentiment and this dachshund ornament. Thank you for this gift, it will look beautiful on my tree."

Kristy White

"I am so grateful to be part of the HR team who collaboratively made an excellent potluck lunch celebrating birthdays and department successes! "


"The HR team delivered a lovely gift box to the Office of Legal Affairs with coffee, cookies and a mug, and a kind note that they are thankful for us. We are thankful for them too, and very much appreciate their gift." ~ Pam Wilkins, Laurie Sallows, Sue McCarthy

Pam Wilkins, Laurie Sallows, Sue McCarthy

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Comfort and warmth delivery to Red Door!

"Corinne Burns organized the Christmas/Holiday Party for faculty and staff of the Duquesne Kline Law School. Besides her unmatched party-planning skills, she lives our Mission in all that she does. For example, she asked folks to bring a donation of socks, gloves, etc. to the party to bring "comfort and warmth to homeless folks in Pittsburgh." Our colleagues stepped up and Corinne delivered a bag to the Red Door, an organization in the heart of downtown that began serving Pittsburghers during the Great Depression. Corinne is pictured here with Katie Dorman, Director of The Red Door." ~Carrie Samarin

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Gives me a smile!

"I came to my desk and found this adorable angel figure on my chair. It has been sitting on my desk since. Gives me a smile every time I look at it. Thank you!" ~Gina

Meaningful festive gathering!

"The Office of Residence Life Central Office staff shared our cooking talents by providing an Italian-inspired holiday meal. It was very meaningful to know that our directors took the time to prepare in their own kitchens chicken parmesan, stuffed shells, pastas and desserts. Other staff purchased bread, antipasto platters, salads and tiramisu from their favorite markets and bakeries. It was all served family style, adding to our festive gathering." ~ Anonymous

Smiling feeling blessed!

I received a lovely gift of an angel figurine with a thank you message for being a blessing. This means a lot to think that the way I live my life professionally and personally is a blessing to someone. People ask me why do I smile all the time...why not? I feel blessed and I want to share the blessing even if it's a friendly smile and a hello! ~Anonymous

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Thank you for my tree ornament!

"This year has been particularly challenging for my two weiner dogs, Mason and Maddy. Mason slipped two disks in his back during Labor Day Weekend that required WEEKS of rest to which he has now healed from. During his recovery he ate a Pot Holder which required 2 emergency surgeries to remove and stabilize him. Maddy, our other Dachshund, was viciously mauled by a white-tailed deer in our backyard in June which resulted in 12 stitches and lots of rest. I am so glad we still have Mason and Maddy to keep us company. They really are man's best friend. I will keep this ornament forever as a reminder that even though bad things happen, always look for the good because that's what needs to be remembered. Thank you very much!"

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Expression of appreciation!

"I was walking through the Union and Dr. Roberts stopped me, expressed her appreciation for the work my team & I do, and gave me a card & treat! Thank you Dr. Roberts, we are happy to be in partnership with you & happy to be a part of the Duquesne community!" ~Anonymous

A great example of why I love Duquesne!

"Someone left little notes on all the desks in our office, all related to remembering this is a season to be thankful and make sure others know what they mean to us. It was a newer person in the office, which made it mean even more. A great example of why I love Duquesne!"  ~ Anonymous

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Feeling lucky!

"Feeling lucky to work in such a great community. Found this in my office!" ~Amber

What a lovely pickup it was.

"I came to work today to find a small bag hanging from my office door. Inside the bag, I discovered a small container of homemade cookies and a note saying that the giver hoped they would brighten my day during a very busy season at work. What a lovely pickup it was. I will be passing the kindness along!"  ~ Anonymous

A double birthday surprise!

"I was delighted when my colleague treated me to lunch for my birthday at Hogan Dining today, and my favorite sweet potato tots were on the menu. A double birthday surprise!  Thank you!"  ~Anonymous

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Goodwill gift of key chains and nice notes

Thoughtful, Friday Pick-Me-Up!

"A very thoughtful, anonymous pick-me-up on this Friday. Thank you for lifting my spirits with these fun goodies!" ~ Anonymous

Tea = Kindness in our community!

"Fr. John Fogarty and I were hosting an interview dinner with an individual who expressed an enthusiasm for tea. In addition, the person didn’t just dislike coffee, she couldn’t drink it. She had an early morning meeting with the search committee that would include a small breakfast. That morning, Fr. John showed up with a tea bag in his breast pocket just in case it was not offered. It made a huge impression with the candidate, who referenced it as indicative of the kindness of our community." ~Gabriel Welsch

Favorite person in the room!

"Dr Janie Harden Fritz makes everyone she knows feel like her favorite person in the room when she engages with people. Not only have I witnessed it, but her students have as well." ~ Anonymous

Beautiful flowers bring a smile!

"I recently lost my father. When I showed up at work one of my coworkers had left me a vase with the most beautiful flowers on my desk. It made me smile! Something I hadn't done recently." ~ Anonymous

A little kindness can go a long way!

"A very kind office worker left me a thank you note and cookies for putting up a Christmas tree in our lobby she said it brings joy to her day. A little kindness can go a long way. Thank you"  ~Anonymous

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There's goodwill all around me!

"There's goodwill all around me! Thank you, JoAnne and Tamia, for sharing your kindness with me!" ~ Kim Hoeritz

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Cranberry orange bread from a fellow baker in our office!

"What a way to make the day of a foodie like myself! Coming into work to find a delicious piece of homemade cranberry orange bread from a fellow baker in our office! #winningatwork" ~ Dana Whatley Smith