Generic Email Account


If you need a dedicated email for your department, campus organization or upcoming event, we recommend requesting a generic email account.

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Request a generic email account

Employees can request a generic email account for their department or organization by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Generic email address (ex.
  • Name of generic email account (ex. CTS Help Desk)
  • Owner of the generic email account
  • Brief description of what the generic email account will be used for
  • Whether the generic email account is permanent or temporary. If temporary, please indicate the date the account is needed until.

After your generic email account is created, the CTS Help Desk will send you an email that includes the account's username, temporary password and instructions for signing into the account.

Sign into a generic email account

To sign into a generic email account, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Go to If you access your University email through a web browser, use a separate one or private browsing window when visiting this website.
  2. Type the generic email account username followed by For example, if you were signing in to, you would type in the username field.
  3. Type the password for the generic email account and click Sign In.