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Mailing Services

Mailing Services is the central mail facility for Duquesne University. The processing of all internal mail and incoming USPS mail for distribution throughout the campus is executed through the Rockwell Hall location. All outgoing and standard mail is also processed at this location. Mailing Services serves as the liaison between the University community and the United States Postal Service.

Please contact us if you have any questions about preparing your mailings, or receiving your mail:

Main Mail Center
Basement, Rockwell Hall
Monday - Friday
8:00AM - 4:00PM

Current students, faculty and staff can learn more about our service and procedures in DORI.

Student Mail Center - TowersTowers

All mail sent to students living in all residence halls should be addressed in the following manner:

SMC #____________
PITTSBURGH PA 15219-2115

Mail should be addressed in this manner because the U.S. Postal Service sorts mail on automated equipment which utilizes the street and Zip+4 Code. This separates the student mail from the campus mail, which uses 15282 as its zip code.

Student Mail Center - Brottier Hall

All mail sent to students living in Brottier Hall should be addressed in the following manner:

BROTTIER HALL APT #____________
PITTSBURGH PA 15219-4720

 Neither of the Student Mail Centers accept COD Packages. At the Towers location only, students can purchase mailing supplies, buy stamps, and mail letters and packages. They accept both cash or checks.

All student mail is forwarded for 90 days following their departure from campus. It is the students responsibility to log on to the Dori homepage and in the Mail Channel, submit a forwarding address. Mail that is received for which we have no forwarding address will be returned to sender. Mailing Servies forwards all First Class and Periodical mail. UPS and FedEx packages cannot be forwarded. These packages will be marked " Refused" and returned to sender.