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Our M.S.Ed. Special Education - Cognitive, Behavior and Physical/Health Disabilities program is one that acknowledges the dignity and uniqueness of an individual.

Our program molds you into a teacher leader who has academic and professional expertise that is enlightened by ethics to sensitively guide individuals with needs in the global society. Our graduate PreK-12 in special education program is designed to facilitate your development of state-of-the-art competencies. You will be prepared to maximize the potential for achieving a meaningful quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

You can pursue a fulfilling career as a:

  • Special Education teacher for students with cognitive, behavior and/or physical/health disabilities in Grades PreK-12
  • Specialist in the areas of assessment, curriculum, instruction, learning and behavior support
  • Professional advocate who develops collaborative partnerships

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Our program prepares you to pursue a career as a PreK-12 special education teacher; specialist in the area of assessment, curriculum, instruction, learning or behavior support; or a behavior support professional advocate.



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Educational Foundations and Leadership



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Student Perspective

Special education student Eleanor Sgro headshot

As someone with an education background, this program lets me see from the perspective of another professional...it will allow me to become a collaborative member of various educational teams that I will utilize...

Eleanor Sgro M.S.Ed. Special Education CBP/HD Student

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Education in Special Education - Cognitive, Behavior and Physical/Health Disabilities

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