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Our programs are nationally accredited and guided by standards from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and national professional organizations. You will learn from expert faculty and have the opportunity to experience a K-12 classroom setting as early as the second semester of your first year. During your studies, you will also have the opportunity to study abroad if you wish.

In our Leading Teacher Program, you will become a learning theorist, a curriculum designer, an expert in school content, a master practitioner and an instructional leader. These are five domains critical to becoming a leader in the classroom.

While enrolled in our program, you will complete a set of core experiences in teaching methodology and participate in guided fieldwork, as well as the university core classes. Our five domains are infused with the three themes of Leadership, Diversity and Technology. Our Leading Teacher Program curriculum bases the learning experiences of becoming a teacher in social justice and professional ethics at the heart of becoming a teacher at Duquesne.

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Learn more about our Leading Teacher Program by attending our School of Education Representative Meeting or School of Education Class Visit. You'll have the chance to learn about our degree programs, explore our Curriculum Center, and get firsthand experience of our School of Education’s collaborative learning environment by observing our faculty-taught courses.

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Full-time, first-year and transfer undergraduate School of Education students who start their studies in 2024 are eligible for a 50% tuition scholarship.

Admissions & Aid

A Great Education, a Great Value

Duquesne University is nationally ranked #56 as a Best Value School for 2024 based on academic quality and net cost (U.S. News and World Report). Financial assistance in the form of aid, scholarships and tuition awards are available. Also for 2024, Duquesne’s service rank is listed at an impressive #63 and #4 among Pennsylvania schools.

We recognize the important roles that teachers play in our society. As a student, you will be eligible for additional funds if you have SAT scores (Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) of 1250 or greater. Our Leading Teacher Program is committed to ensuring that the best-prepared teachers are available for the classrooms of the future.

Our Curriculum Center

Transform the learning and developmental experiences of K-12 learners inside or outside of the classroom through the resources in our Curriculum Center – a collection of PreK-12 educational resources designed to support schools and programs on campus working with children. 

Our Curriculum Center has endless resources for you to incorporate into your lesson plans and classrooms during field experiences, such as chapter books, picture books, big books, manipulatives, puppets, and more! Additionally, the Curriculum Center provides resources to keep your classroom creatively informed during holidays and even for current events.

Located on Campus in Gumberg Library, these resources are available to the entire campus community, as well as to alumni.


Considering possible majors? Finding a way to combine interests? That’s good! Many students begin college before they decide on a major, and many students change their major at some point in their academic journey. Our Discover students have the opportunity to see how our majors operate together in a corporate setting, before they choose their major.

5-Year Early Start Graduate Education Programs

Our graduate programs offer early start options for School of Education undergraduate students, as well as all undergraduate students across the University. During your junior or senior year, you have the opportunity to take up to five courses in a master's-level program at the undergraduate tuition rate. 

School of Education undergrad students can start graduate studies in:

Undergrad students across the University can start graduate studies in:

The School of Education offers early start options for students who have demonstrated a strong academic background (GPA > 3.0) to begin graduate work during their undergraduate time at Duquesne University.

Other undergraduate students across the University who are in good academic standing (GPA >3.0) and are interested in pursuing or exploring an education degree and/or a teaching certification can begin to take courses as juniors or seniors in our graduate teacher education programs.

We welcome you to connect with us to learn more and we will walk you through the application process. To get started, call (412) 396-6093.

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Admitted Students

Take the next steps to become the teacher you were meant to be! Visit us on campus, complete your financial aid forms and enroll today!

Graduate Outcome Stats

Explore the most recent graduate-reported outcomes data for our School of Education.

96%Landed Jobs in Education

96% of respondents indicated that their position was related to their education major.

82%Furthering Education at Duquesne

82% of our graduates who reported they will be attending graduate school, indicated that they will attend Duquesne University.

79%Stay in PA

79% of our graduates stay in Pennsylvania.

Test-Optional Admission

Opt-out of the ACT or SAT. Do you feel that your scores may not reflect your academic potential and successes? Consider Duquesne University's test-optional admission. This might be the right option for you, especially in this current climate.

Student and Alumni Perspectives

Photo of Megan Caskey kneeling between wildflowers in field and a fence behind her

I chose Duquesne because its education program stood out from many of the other schools that I visited...You could tell there was a focus on teaching and that the School of Education truly cares about the quality of teachers they are creating...Seeing this passion and genuine love for education, I immediately knew it was something I wanted to be a part of!

Megan Caskey B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education '28
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Jayne Simon Aulicino in graduation regalia outside on campus with campus activity in background

I feel very confident to start my first teaching job because of all of the experience that the School of Education gave us! Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the amazing friends I've made...

Jayne (Simon) Aulicino B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education '23 | M.S.Ed. Special Education - CBP/HD '25
Explore the B.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education
Brianna DeKlever sitting outside on fountain ledge in graduation regalia

Throughout my journey, I have grown to become a devoted and hard-working advocate in my present and future classrooms where Duquesne has truly framed my mindset to ultimately create a positive impact on all my students.

Brianna DeKlever B.S.Ed. Middle Level Education '23 | M.S.Ed. Education Administration, K-12 '25
Discover the M.S.Ed. in Middle Level Education
Joe Welch with Dean Gretchen Generett

There are many more careers out there that you can choose from. Some more lucrative, some with more flexibility, some that may feel more honored but your choice allows you to impact thousands of students. One lesson at a time! One conversation at a time! One student at a time!

Joe Welch Award-winning 8th Grade Teacher for North Hills School District | B.S.Ed. Secondary Education Duquesne Alumnus
Watch Joe's video
Photo of Rachel McGough on steps of Administration building in graduate regalia holding the railing and smiling

Everything I learned in the School of Education about diversity, inclusion and equity has prepared me to support & grow my students into their fullest potential. The future of the world is in my classroom, and I can’t wait to help them become powerful members of society!

Rachel McGough B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education '23
Learn about the B.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education

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