Get Involved!

Students in Speech-Language Pathology become involved in a wide variety of activities on and off-campus. While the academic program includes many opportunities to become involved in professional activities, Duquesne University offers the breadth of campus involvement opportunities to satisfy the personal interests of just about anyone.

As part of the academic program, students are able to preview the profession by attending conferences and conventions, interacting with students from other programs nationally and internationally, becoming actively involved in volunteer and service learning projects, and advocating for federal legislation that impacts the profession. Learn more about these professional student activities.

Research Opportunities

2023 ASHA Convention in Boston, Mass

Jaimee Conmy, 4th year professional phase student, presented with Dr. Heather Rusiewicz, Dr. Panayiota Senekkis-Florent, and Brooke Baumann. Their presentation was titled, “Navigating Comprehensive-Contemporary-Clinical Education: Student's Self-Efficacy and Experiences.” Jamiee was the recipient of funding to support her travel from the Office of Research & Innovation.  Congratulations Jaimee!

Presentation slide at ASHA convention

2022 ASHA Convention in New Orleans

Brooke Yurick, 5th year professional phase student, presented with Dr. Heather Rusiewicz. Her presentation was titled, “Speech in the Spotlight: Integrating Music and Movement to Support Speech Development via Digital Platform.”

5th year SLP student, Brooke Yurick ready to present at ASHA 2022

Michelle Catão, Kelsey O’Connor, and Marisa Ricciardi, who presented the results of their hard work at the ASHA Convention! Mentored by Dr. Abby Delehanty and Mrs. Lori Marra, these students spent the last year serving as “family navigators” supporting 9 families of infants and toddlers at risk for communication delays. Their project was supported by the Charles Henry Leach II Fund for Duquesne University and a travel grant from the DU Women in Stem. They were also selected as ASHA PROGENY recipients, a program that aims to PROmote the Next GENeration of Researchers.ASHA conference with Leach researchers

Outreach Opportunities

Duqathon: Duquesne's Dance Marathon

Duqathon is a Duquesne University student-run organization that partners with the Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon, which is a program of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a non-profit organization that raises funds and awareness for more than 170 pediatric hospitals across North America.  For more information, please contact 4th year SLP student, Moller Keller, Finance Director of Duquesne University’s Dance Marathon Duqathon, at

SLP students help raise money for DU Thon 2022


There is an opportunity or activity for everyone!

The purpose of the SLP Ambassadors program is to provide an opportunity for current students to serve as representatives in events and activities throughout the year.  Some example events may include connecting with high school students interested in SLP, participating in marketing and promotion of the program in pictures, videos, etc., serving as student representatives on new initiatives such as ways to support and promote student well-being, diversity/equity/inclusion initiatives, engagement with the regional/global community, and more.

Faculty advisor:
Dr. Heather Rusiewicz

Staff advisor:
Mrs. Pauline Fediaczko
Best Buddies is an international organization that focuses on creating lasting friendships between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those without.  Best Buddies promotes inclusion, respect, and awareness through one-to-one matching of Duquesne student to an adult "Buddy" with IDD. All are welcome to join.

Club President:
Delaney Nichols, SLP Major, Y3PP

Faculty advisors:
Mrs. Lori Marra
Ms. Katie Micco
NSSLHA, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, is an independent organization that is recognized by our professional association, the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA). NSSLHA is the official organization for students interested in human communication sciences and disorders. It was created because of student’s desires for closer affiliation with professionals in the discipline of human communication sciences and disorders.

Club President:
Emily Kerstetter

Faculty advisors:
Mrs. Caterina Staltari
Dr. Panayiota Senekkis-Florent
Our goal is to raise awareness for Deaf culture and the Deaf community, as well as give students the beginning words and tools to learn ASL in a supportive environment! We aim to elevate Deaf individuals' perspectives in order to learn and grow from their beautiful culture! As future SLPs, it is important we know the basics of ASL and Deaf culture! Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience!

ASL Club President:
Sara Tuddenham

Faculty advisors:
Dr. Heather Rusiewicz
Dr. Susan Snyder

Women in STEM at Duquesne University (WIS@DU) promotes and supports women in basic and applied sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics career paths at Duquesne University.

WIS@DU hosts public workshops to discuss professional and personal development, as well as provide opportunities for women in the Duquesne University science community. 

John G. Rangos, Sr. School of Health Science Faculty Lisasons:
Dr. Elena Donoso Brown, Occupational Therapy
Dr. Kimberly Williams, Biomedical Engineering

Let the world become your classroom! Duquesne University recognizes the impact of study abroad experiences in shaping young adults who are intellectually aware, culturally sensitive, and professionally prepared to become global citizens. Duquesne's unique Rome and Dublin Campuses provide once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for students. A wide range of semester-long and short-term programs offer students an impressive range of options to explore the world.

Future Health Professionals in the Rangos School of Health Sciences will gain invaluable cultural awareness and perspective through expanding their knowledge beyond the typical classroom and learning abroad. Study abroad for Rangos students can be found here.

For more information contact the Center for Global Engagement at or 412-396-1431.