We created a Vision for our students that we customized to encompass our Spiritan mission coupled with our high quality, transformative law degree. We consider this the most important aspect of our Vision-our focus on community well-being. It is under this pillar that we concentrate on providing a safe, welcoming environment for all our students. This is at the heart of our mission, our vision, and why our law school was founded in 1911-to provide all with an opportunity for advancement.

Our academic law community is based on guiding principles that truth is paramount and that our Catholic and Spiritan foundations are ever critical complimentary aspects of the law. We model our studies on the guide that all people are equal and are such deserving of respect and reverence.

With this in mind, we formed our Dean's Diversity Action Council in 2019. The objective is to guarantee we are a sanctuary that delivers a culture of inclusion for our students of color and for other underrepresented communities.

In accordance with this pledge, our faculty unanimously voted to approve our Promise Statement on Race & Justice, an affirmative statement against racism and a commitment to positive change. We also remain committed greater understanding of the plight of others through our faculty's participation in a series of Mitigating Classroom Bias modules and workshops that is informed by our students and faculty.

Understanding and recognizing that we have a responsibility to treat every person with respect, we started a year-long Speaker Series on Race, Poverty and Democracy. Our purpose is to provide vital discussions to the wider legal community.

Another fundamental aspect of the law is expressing dissent because within our opposition we can learn and find knowledge and truth. Our students have an obligation to seek the truth, no matter how difficult. Our intent is that they discover it and provide contrasting discourse in ways that are logical and respectful.

We realize that law instruction is demanding. That is why we dedicate part of what we do to incorporating sustainable life habits that center on healthy and fulfilled living. Our Docket newsletter is a weekly roundup of mindfulness tips and social activities intended to recharge our students. We want our students to recognize how mental and physical health impacts other aspects of life and similarly want to aid them in creating healthy, lifelong habits.

If you are interested in changing the world in inclusive and respectful ways and want to learn more about how our Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University can assist your growth, contact our admissions office.