With the opportunity to explore two options for graduate study, a master's degree and a Ph.D., you will receive advanced training in literary theory, literary criticism, research methods and writing skills, all built on Duquesne’s liberal arts foundation. 

With ample opportunities to customize your course of study, you will explore different literary genres and historical periods and learn how to analyze literature from various theoretical perspectives. You will also explore the intersection of literature, culture and society and analyze how cultural values and practices shape the production and reception of literary texts.

In both programs, you will develop advanced research and writing skills that are in demand across such domains as education, business, nonprofits, journalism. Our emphasis on professionalization and mentorship also helps set you up for success after graduation.

Accelerated M.A. in English: A fast-track option for English majors!

Earn a Master of Arts degree in only five years (including two summers). Undergraduate students can earn six graduate credits by taking graduate level courses in the last year of their BA. For more information, please email the Director of Graduate Studies.

MA & Ph.D. Programs

Online or in-person, craft your degree around your interests.

The program has two tracks:
  • English, through which you’ll do a deep-dive into literary studies.
  • Literature & Writing, through which you’ll explore a variety of forms of writing across different media and disciplines.

Our Ph.D. program will provide you with comprehensive training in advanced literary research and postsecondary teaching of writing and literature.

Early Ph.D. Admissions Program

The early admissions process allows English MA students who show exceptional promise in their first year to seek early admission to the Ph.D. program. You will learn in your third semester if you are accepted early, and will become a Duquesne Ph.D. candidate the first fall following the successful completion of your MA.

Early admission to the Ph.D. program allows you to plan your final year of the MA in a way that better positions you for starting Ph.D. work and eliminates the stress of applying to multiple Ph.D. programs in the fall of the second year.

If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact our director of graduate studies in English, Dr.%20Sarah%20Wright.