Your Audition Portfolio will demonstrate your ability to meet the audition guidelines while featuring additional areas of musical interest that highlight who you are as a musician. In addition to the required audition material, you have the option to include media recordings of past ensemble experiences, plays or musicals, even songs that you've written. The portfolio is a great way to extend your audition time with faculty evaluators and share what you feel represents your best musical self. 

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The Audition Portfolio is a checklist item just like transcripts, essays, and test scores. Both the portfolio submission and audition registration are completed on your applicant portal.

How to assemble your Audition Portfolio

Capture Video Recordings

Create high-quality videos that accurately demonstrate your musical ability and fulfill the requirements set forth in the audition guidelines. *No cuts or edits are permitted.

Sample recording methods:

    Use an iPhone, Android or other smart device to capture videos.
    Combine a smart device or tablet with a high-quality external microphone.
    Integrate HD video camera with laptop, audio interface, and stereo condenser microphone.

Compile Your Media Links

Upload your media to any cloud-based online platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, iCloud or GoogleDrive. From there, you can assemble a single portfolio document that contains all of your music media links. Your media links should include performance material that meets the requirements outlined in the audition guidelines as well as any other degree-specific required media. All audition media must be compiled into one comprehensive document that can be shared electronically.

Sample Audition Portfolio

Submit Your Audition Portfolio

Upload your finalized Audition Portfolio to your Applicant Portal to fulfill the checklist item. All media is stored with your application for review before, during, and after the scheduled audition (in-person or online). *Due no later than 1 week prior to desired audition date. 

Audition Preparation

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Not sure which pieces to play on audition day?

Connect with our faculty through our Trial Lesson program and experience our top-rated instruction while building audition confidence. All applicants qualify for a free lesson (online or in person).

Trial Lesson Details
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Need help with your Audition Portfolio?

Our team is here to assist you through every step of the process! We can help make your school visit more meaningful by coordinating rehearsal and classroom observations.

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