Chamber music includes strings, woodwinds, brass, and mixed instrumentation ensembles (including strings, percussion, and wind instruments). These ensembles provide necessary and valuable experience for the performance major. Coached by Mary Pappert School of Music faculty, including members of the GRAMMY Award-winning Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, these ensembles rehearse and perform on campus and at community service locations throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Triano Woodwind Quintet

Refine your performance and musicianship skills by playing in this highly talented chamber music ensemble coached by artist members of the renowned Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Members also serve as ambassadors of the Mary Pappert School of Music through various concerts and competitions throughout the country.

The Triano Woodwind Quintet was established to offer graduate-level scholarship opportunities to highly qualified (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon) students who are focusing on a career in musical performance. 

Classical Guitar Ensemble

The Classical Guitar Ensemble performs music from all periods of the 500 years of fretted instrument development—not only on the modern classical guitar but early instruments as well. In addition to preparing for concert performance, an emphasis is also placed on recording, with multiple sessions experienced in professional studios. Numerous recordings are made both live and in the studio for students to use in their folios. Students are enthusiastically encouraged to arrange for the ensemble.

Percussion Ensemble

All percussion majors gain experience by performing in the Duquesne University Percussion Ensemble throughout the school year. Works performed are selected from traditional, contemporary, pops, and jazz styles and include world and regional premieres. Significant emphasis is placed on works for mallet ensemble, which are included in every concert. The Percussion Ensemble performs on campus each semester, frequently with well-known guest soloists.

Brass Ensembles

The brass department at Duquesne is excited to offer a variety of brass ensembles, both mixed and like groupings. These include brass choir, trumpet ensemble, horn choir, trombone choir, and tuba/euphonium ensemble. Each group has individualized coaching from members of the Mary Pappert School of Music's brass faculty.

Saxophone Ensemble

Saxophonists are placed in small chamber groups (duets, trios, quartets, etc.) that rehearse weekly. The repertoire is varied, including new and traditional compositions in many styles of music. These small groups are excellent for learning the skills to be an ensemble performer or teacher, as well as developing individual performance skills. Performances include on-campus recitals each semester, as well as opportunities to represent Duquesne University at local and national music conventions including U.S. Navy Band International Saxophone Symposiums and North American Saxophone Alliance Conferences.

Flute Choir

The Duquesne University Flute Choir performs original compositions and arrangements that encompass a variety of musical styles. This ensemble welcomes flutists from any degree program and features the standard C flute as well as our family of harmony instruments—the alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute, piccolo, and the E-flat soprano flute. Traditional performances are scheduled on campus each semester with outreach opportunities available for community concerts as well. The flute choir also has performed at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention (2023 - Herndon, VA) and the National Flute Convention (2022 - Chicago, IL). The ensemble won the Mary H. Anderson endowment from the National Flute Association to perform at the 2023 National Flute Convention in Phoenix, AZ. 

Opera Workshop

Opera Workshop is an ensemble that provides you with opportunities to build the performing skills necessary for success on the stage in opera. Each semester, you will hone your acting and movement skills while also preparing arias and ensembles for scenes that are performed publicly as a cumulative project at the end of the semester. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the extracurricular Duquesne University Opera Theater program, which presents a fully staged opera each year.

Recording Studio Ensemble

In the spirit of the notorious "Wrecking Crew," the Recording Studio Ensemble is built around gaining hands-on studio experience from the perspectives of the session musician, the engineer, and the producer. Students listen, read, interpret, and perform, as well as produce and engineer various genres of music, on the way to an understanding of how to be a practical, working musician and/or engineer in the recording studio environment.

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