Environmental Studies

Embark on a transformative journey with our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Environmental Studies program, where you will explore the complexities of our environment, develop a deep understanding of sustainability and become equipped to tackle pressing environmental challenges.

Through a diverse range of courses, including environmental education, sustainability studies, conservation studies, environmental policy, natural resource management, climate change studies, ecological systems and environmental justice, you will gain a broad knowledge base that encompasses scientific, social, and policy perspectives. Our curriculum integrates hands-on experiences, fieldwork in environmental studies, and research opportunities, allowing you to apply your knowledge in real-world settings and contribute to meaningful environmental research.

As a student in our program, you will have access to internship opportunities that provide valuable practical experience and networking opportunities. These internships, coupled with our emphasis on fieldwork and research, will equip you with the skills necessary to excel in a variety of environmental careers.

Program Information

The BA in Environmental Studies program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to foster interdisciplinary learning and provide a holistic understanding of environmental issues.

Program Type

Major, Minor



Academic Department

Environmental Science and Management

Required Credit Hours


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A picture of Alanna Mecca

"As a member of the Center for Environmental Studies, I delved into the pressing issues facing our planet and learned about innovative solutions through amazing professors. Duquesne has broadened my perspective and prepared me for a fulfilling future."

Alanna Mecca Environmental Studies, '18

Prepared for Anything

Graduate Education

For those considering advanced studies, our BA in Environmental Studies program serves as an excellent foundation for graduate studies in environmental science, environmental policy, sustainability, or related fields. Expand your expertise and delve deeper into specialized areas of environmental research through our graduate studies offerings.

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After Duquesne

Upon graduation, you will be well-prepared to pursue diverse career paths in environmental studies. Whether you aspire to work in environmental policy and advocacy, sustainable resource management, climate change mitigation and adaptation, environmental consulting, or environmental education, our program will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to make a positive impact.

Course Offerings

Immerse yourself in engaging environmental studies courses that blend theory and practice, enabling you to analyze complex environmental problems and propose innovative solutions.

Undergraduate research is highly encouraged. Our department recognizes the value of research and the significant contributions it can make to the scientific community. Therefore, we provide ample opportunities for students to engage in research projects.

  • BRDG 100 Research & Info Skills
  • EQ Essential Questions Sem
  • BRDG 105 Intro to Ethical Reas
  • Crit Thinking (BRCT)
  • Cultural Fluen (BRCF)
  • Ethical Reas (BRET)
  • Social & Hist (BRSH)
  • Quant & Scient Reas (BRQS)
  • Comm & Creative Expr (BRCC)
  • One THEO and PHIL course & 3 Writing Intensive courses
  • ENGL 302W Scientific Writing 
  • SPRG 105 Seminar: Career Dev. 
  • Experiential Learning
  • ENVI 251 Prin of Envi Science
  • ENVI 291 Intro to Earth Sciences
  • ENVI 472 Env Biology
  • ENVI 452 Env Chemistry
  • ENVI 470 Env Toxicology
  • ENVI Capstone
  • Pick Two
  • PHIL 236 Environmental Ethics OR PHIL 211 Philosophy of the Environment
  • ECON 331 Environmental Economics
  • HIST 141 Environmental History
  • SOCI 220 Environmental Sociology
  • ENGL 204 Literature and the Environment
  • Students must take a minimum of 9 credits of Environmental concentration courses.
  • Students must take a minimum of 15 credits of Environmental elective courses.
  • MATH 101/105/115
  • MATH 125/225/301 
  • MATH/CS Electives* (3 CR)
  • BIOL111/111L Biology I/Lab
  • BIOL 112/112L Biology II/Lab
  • CHEM 121 Gen Chem I
  • CHEM 121L Gen Chem I Lab
  • CHEM 122 Gen Chem II
  • CHEM 122L Gen Chem II Lab