Work alongside world-class researchers

With eight departments, numerous research centers, ample undergraduate research opportunities and a burgeoning funded-research budget, the School of Science and Engineering stands as a dynamic hub for discoveries that positively impact society. Our robust partnerships across Pittsburgh and globally further enhance our collaborative efforts. Within this environment, you'll work alongside faculty members, immersing yourself not only in the fundamentals of scientific research and engineering design but also in the pursuit of larger scientific goals. This engagement often leads to co-authoring publications in preeminent scientific journals such as the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Scientific Reports, Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS) and more.

Professor Receives Prestigious NSF CAREER Award

Biomedical Engineering Professor Dr. Rana Zakerzadeh received a $603,000 NSF CAREER Award for her project, "Characterization of Vocal Fold Vascular Lesions Biomechanics." Over five years, it aims to grasp lesions' mechanics, incorporating STEM education, outreach and support for underrepresented groups.


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Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering faculty are spearheading research in various areas including biomedical microdevices, micro/nanosystems for biology and medicine, microfluidics, bioMEMS/NEMS, in vitro diagnostics, lab-on-a-chip, biosensors, detection and manipulation techniques for biomolecules, cells, and microorganisms, microfabrication, soft lithography, micropatterning, superresolution imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy, biomaterials, tissue engineering, and more.



Gain practical experience in laboratory techniques encompassing design, data analysis, and advanced biotechnological methodologies. Engage in pioneering research spanning molecular biology, immunology, and drug development.

Biological Sciences

At the Department of Biological Sciences, our faculty prioritize both top-tier educational experiences and excellence in research. Here, you'll have the opportunity to participate in research with faculty whose interests represent the spectrum of modern biological sciences, including cell and molecular biology, microbial biology, physiology and organismal biology, ecology and evolutionary biology.

girl doing environmental science research

Center for Environmental Research and Education

As an Environmental Science student, you'll actively engage in researching pressing environmental concerns of our time. Explore topics such as greenhouse gas emissions and sustainability, hydrogeology and water management, air and water pollution control, waste management, conservation biology, environmental policy, and shale gas extraction.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Over the past decade, substantial external research funding has paved the way for Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty and students to engage in extensive research pursuits. Within this vibrant environment, you'll have abundant opportunities to explore diverse and interdisciplinary areas, spanning biochemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, environmental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and biophysical chemistry. Gain practical experience in laboratory techniques encompassing design, data analysis, and advanced biotechnological methodologies. Engage in pioneering research spanning molecular biology, immunology, and drug development.

Forensic Science and Law student and faculty

Forensic Science and Law

As a student in Forensic Science and Law, you'll have the opportunity to dive into a multitude of forensic science disciplines and techniques tailored to your interests. From investigating crime scenes and analyzing forensic toxicology to delving into DNA analysis and forensic pathology. Faculty members specialize in various research areas, such as DNA analysis and interpretation, sexual assault and violence cases, and investigations involving fire and explosives. Engaging in research is not just encouraged—it's a requirement for majors, and the department offers financial support for your projects.

Mathematics and Computer Science students

Mathematics and Computer Science

In the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, you're at the forefront of active research areas such as natural language processing, computational learning theory, mathematical modeling, computational neuroscience, statistical genomics, topology, and representation theory. Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to pursue research opportunities and have the chance to present their research findings at regional, national and international conferences.

Physics Student


As a student in the Physics department, you will explore diverse areas such as experimental nuclear physics, materials science, and laser physics, all with real-world applications. The department's facilities provide the resources needed to dive deep into research on materials and laser physics, allowing you to innovate and discover. Moreover, our nuclear physics program collaborates with prestigious institutions like the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility and other leading particle accelerators worldwide. Whether working with local partners or engaging in global collaborations, you will contribute to projects that shape the future of science. As an undergraduate assistant, you will play an active role in supporting research programs as a coauthor in respected academic publications.