Undergraduate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (UG-PMHPP)

At Duquesne, preparation for medical, dental, and other health professional school can start as early as your freshman year by enrolling in our undergraduate Pre-Medical and Health Professions Program (UG-PMHPP). We are here to help you every step of the way from your first introduction to pre-requisite coursework through the application and interview process.

The UG-PMHPP is not an academic major or degree program, but rather a multi-track post-secondary certificate program, pursued at the same time as your academic major degree program. We will provide you with opportunities that make you stand out such as:

  • Exceptional, personalized, ongoing advisement in cooperation with your major advisor
  • Hand-tailored curriculum planning and tracking consistent with professional goals
  • Application assistance to prepare for medical, dental, and other health professional schools
  • In addition to pre-requisite curriculum, 7 specialized pre-health courses with "0" additional credit load
  • Learn basic patient assessment and health and safety skills, including entry-level clinical skills
  • Introductions to collaborative practice, inter-professional education, and medical terminology
  • Instruction in basic anatomy and pathophysiology
  • Instruction, guidance and assistance through the complex medical and health professional school application process

 For current students not enrolled in the UG-PMHPP, but who wish to apply for our Secondary Admission process please click here.