MBA Sustainable Business Practices


Corporate Knights, a quarterly international publication focused on social, economic and ecological benefits and costs, ranked our MBA Sustainable Business Practices #1 in the U.S. and #5 in the world.

Prepare to change the world in one-year.

We believe that responsible, ethical leadership in business creates a better society for all. Our innovative one-year MBA Sustainable Business Practices provides a transformative education. Competitive scholarships, fellowships and graduate assistantships are still available for applicants. If you have any questions about merit funding or the competitiveness of your application, please contact the Graduate Admissions Director.

Master MBA essentials. Make a difference.

Ranked 1st in the U.S. and 5th in the world for preparing students to change the world by Corporate Knights, the one-year MBA format integrates multiple dimensions of sustainability in an experiential format. As a student, you will:

  • Learn how to integrate sustainability in all aspects of business
  • Develop solutions for organizations with consulting projects
  • Immerse yourself in global sustainability issues through a study abroad trip
  • Launch your career and be ready to make a difference

The program is offered full-time, with daytime courses that begin each summer (late May) embodying the United Nations' Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

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