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Tuition Discount

Catholic school lay teacher & lay high school administrator discount

  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • Pittsburgh, Greenburg or Altoona-Johnstown Diocese Employees:
      Applicant must currently be a full-time Elementary Teaching Employee, a High School Teaching Employee, a High School Administrator and/or an Acting Principal required to obtain Administrative I Certification, in a Catholic School
    • Employees of any other diocese:
      Applicant must be a full-time Teaching Employee of a Catholic School, and must have completed a minimum of two year of full-time teaching in a Catholic School before being eligible for discount. Lay High School Administrators or Acting Principals from schools not located in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, and Altoona-Johnstown are not eligible for this discount.
  • Extent of Coverage:
    • Discount is one-half basic tuition or rate of school of enrollment, whichever is LOWER.
  • Restrictions:
    • Only one Duquesne University degree, or part thereof, may be earned under this reduced tuition policy.
    • This discount cannot be combined with any other Duquesne University Discount independent of source.
  • Employment Verification
    The following must be submitted each Academic Year (fall - spring - summer) as verification of eligibility on school letterhead by the superior of person whose employment is being certified:
    1. You are employed in a full-time teaching capacity, Lay High School Administrator or Acting Principal in the Dioceses of Pittsburgh, Greensburg or Altoona-Johnstown.
    2. You will continue to be employed in this capacity during the terms you will enroll; and
    3. The number of years you have completed in a full-time teaching capacity, when appropriate.