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B.S.Ed. Early Childhood Education, PreK-4

Make a difference, learn to lead.

The Leading Teacher Program in Early Childhood Education (PreK-4) is designed to prepare you to be a leading teacher in preschool and elementary classrooms in Pennsylvania and in many other states.

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Do you feel that  may not reflect your academic potential and successes? Consider Duquesne University's test-optional admission. This might be the right option for you, especially in this current climate. Learn more on the University's Test-Optional Admission page.

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Gain diverse classroom and field experience

The Bachelor of Science in Education in Early Childhood Education, PreK-4 program is a 131-credit program that consists of courses and experiences organized into three major areas of study: University Core/General Education, Foundations of Education, and Professional Preparation. During your first two years of study, not only will you complete the majority of the General Education and Foundation courses, but you will also gain experience in the field starting in your freshman year. The faculty work with you to address professional standards in each of the early childhood curriculum areas through course projects and through implementation of the standards in fieldwork.Towards the end of your studies, you will have the opportunity to teach in an urban, suburban, or rural school. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to experience a part of your student teaching abroad. As a partner university, Duquesne University students have the opportunity to be placed by IU Global Gateway in an overseas student teaching experience in one of 18 countries. Participating countries include, but are not limited to, Australia, Costa Rica, England, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and Tanzania. Along with gaining experience in the classroom, starting in your Junior year, qualified students may begin graduate course work through our 5 year early start programs.

Learn from experienced faculty, in a highly accredited program

The Early Childhood Education program is guided by Pennsylvania's state standards and by standards of national professional organizations. In addition to the School of Education's national recognition by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP), as a point of distinction, this Leading Teacher Program earned national accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Find help financing your education

Financial assistance in the form of aid, scholarships, and tuition awards are available. Duquesne recognizes the important roles that teachers play in our society. We are responding in a manner to ensure that we have teachers in the future. Freshman and Transfer students accepted to our School of Education will automatically receive a 50% tuition scholarship. These scholarships are renewable for four years of undergraduate study as long as the student remains enrolled full-time in the School of Education. Students will be eligible for additional funds if they live on-campus and/or have SAT scores (Math and Evidence Based Reading and Writing) of 1250 or greater. The Leading Teacher Program is committed to ensuring that the best- prepared teachers are available for the classrooms of the future.

50% Tuition Scholarship

Freshman and transfer students accepted to our School of Education are eligible to receive a 50% tuition scholarship. These scholarships are renewable for four years of undergraduate study as long as the student remains enrolled full-time in the School of Education.

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