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Earn an in-demand public health degree.

Public health promotes and protects the health of people and the communities where they live, learn, work and play. With a bachelor's degree in public health, graduates can make an impact on public health locally and globally, conducting research, educating, and coordinating resources to prevent the spread of diseases. Using real-world cases (such as those related to recent COVID-19 pandemic), field work and practicum, students in Duquesne's public health program learn what it takes to improve health care globally.

Find your fit connecting science and service.

Want to study infectious and chronic diseases, environmental health and general epidemiology? Look at our Bachelor of Science degree, an interdisciplinary program that focuses on the scientific dimensions of health. While this degree can be used to start a career, it can also serve as a steppingstone to medical schools, pharmacy schools, and other health related professional programs.

If social, behavioral and community health aspects of public health, program planning, development, and assessment are more in line with your interests, explore our Bachelor of Arts degree.

Build a career that will make you proud.

Improve health outcomes in underserved communities. Assess air and water quality across the globe. Improve quality of life for an aging population. Public health graduates have many career paths available to them, often in non-profit, corporate, academic, government and hospital settings.

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Duquesne's Public Health program follows the Accreditation Criteria for Standalone Baccalaureate Programs in Public Health adopted by the Council on Education for Public Health in 2016.