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Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

Established in 1998, the Duquesne University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic serves people of all ages who have problems communicating.

The Clinic is an integral part of the clinical education program for graduate students in the University's Department of Speech-Language Pathology.

State licensed and nationally certified faculty practitioners directly supervise and are responsible for all services provided.

Evaluation and Treatment

The Clinic provides diagnostic and treatment services on an outpatient basis in Fisher Hall on the Duquesne campus. Following an evaluation, individual and/or group therapy sessions are scheduled to meet the individual needs of each client. Services may also be provided via Telepractice.

While not all services may be covered, the Clinic is a participating provider with many insurance companies, as well as the State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Alternatively, fee reductions are available for those who qualify.

The Clinic is comprised of the following six specialty clinics that reflect the expertise of our faculty.

  • Adult Language and Cognition Clinic: Evaluation and treatment for adults with cognitive communication problems resulting from neurological impairment with a primary focus on people with aphasia.
  • Central Auditory Processing Disorder Clinic: Evaluation and treatment of children and adults with central auditory processing deficits. Hearing screenings and basic auditory evaluations to assess hearing ability. Auditory training, aural rehabilitation, and therapy for auditory processing problems.
  • Language Disorders and Autism Clinic: Evaluation and treatment for children from birth to age 18 years with language problems related to a variety of diagnoses including autism.
  • Motor Speech Disorders Clinic: Evaluation and treatment of individuals experiencing speech production difficulties as a result of neurological conditions (e.g., stroke, head trauima, Parkinson's disease).
  • Speech Production Clinic: Evaluations and treatment of children and adults having difficulty producing sounds or being understood by others. Modification of accent is also provided.
  • Stuttering Clinic: Evaluation and treatment of stuttering problems. Specialized approaches to meet the individual needs of children and adults who stutter.

The Clinic is located on the 4th floor of Fisher Hall at 711 Forbes Avenue, directly across from the mouth of the Armstrong Tunnel.

Contact Us

We are pleased to respond to your questions about speech, language, and hearing difficulties.  Please contact the Clinic Office at 412.396.4200 or via e-mail at

HIPAA Notice

Code of Conduct


The Department of Speech-Language Pathology and the Duquesne University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic adhere to Duquesne University policies on nondiscrimination. We are committed to nondiscriminatory human relations across all aspects of education, employment and clinical service delivery without regard to the person's race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, marital status, genetic history, Veteran status, or disability. The complete University policy is presented as TAP NO. 30.