Our Promise Statement on Race and Justice

This Promise Statement is an affirmative statement against racism and a commitment to lead positive change. It re-affirms our Spiritan Mission and comes from a place of dignity, respect, and love for all. The statement calls us to speak with clarity around the harms of racism, and to be actively involved as faculty (on and off campus) in efforts to promote justice, equity, and human dignity.

Our Promise Statement on Race and Justice
June 19, 2020

The Duquesne University School of Law faculty stands united against the affliction of racial injustice. Racial oppression, which is fueled by an enormous assist from poverty, constitutes a threat to human dignity and justice. It must be met head on, with the full force of all of our voices, talents, and skills. The time is now. Our resolve must be unshakable.

As part of a Catholic and Spiritan University, our Law School's Mission since 1911 has been built upon a pursuit of justice that advances the values of human dignity and mutual respect. As faculty, we vow to vastly intensify our commitment to engage with and support the efforts of families, community groups, the legal system, interdisciplinary researchers, law enforcement, clinicians, students, teachers, faith-based groups, and policymakers to eradicate racism wherever it lurks. We will work to combat racist stereotyping and counteract explicit and implicit bias within the criminal justice system.

With words and actions, we will teach our students that kindness and respect for human dignity is an undeniable precondition for a peaceful and just world. We commit to articulating specific initiatives in the form of open and honest forums and increased learning opportunities for our entire community.

Together, we shall energize our minds, hearts, and spirits to overcome the affliction of discrimination and racial inequality. The road to racial justice is a complex and difficult journey and requires strength, compassion, equanimity and grace. This is a journey that begins individually with each and every one of us. As we undertake this effort toward peace and justice, we are guided by the universal gifts of faith and hope. Along this path of action and reconciliation, we are reminded that the greatest lesson of all is love.