Sun shining through tree near College Hall

McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Our Mission

The College prepares students for productive and creative lives of service in a rapidly changing world. We teach students to think, write and speak clearly and critically, so they can seek truth about God, themselves, and society, and contribute to their families, communities, businesses and professions.

Where the Past Meets the Present

The McAnulty College and Graduate School of Liberal Arts has a century-long tradition and a strong vision for its future. Named after Father Henry J. McAnulty, the 9th President of Duquesne, the College is the oldest school at Duquesne University and the heart of the University.

With 12 academic departments comprising more than 30 undergraduate programs and more than two dozen graduate programs, the College teaches students how to use a liberal arts education to solve today's problems.

An Education that Makes a Difference

Our award-winning faculty are leaders in their fields and engaging teachers who bring out the best in our students. Our students are critical thinkers who see practical applications for their knowledge and skills outside of the classroom.

At Duquesne, academic excellence is bolstered by a spirit of service. Whether tutoring children in after-school programs, coaching refugees with English, or helping develop a community greenspace, our faculty and students pursue innovative ways to bridge curriculum and community.