Doctoral Dissertations

The PhD dissertation is a summation of original research, conducted solely by the candidate on a topic of significance to the development of nursing science. Upon successful defense of a dissertation proposal, a student begins conducting dissertation research. A committee comprising of School of Nursing faculty, as well as external members, directs and evaluates the research and writing of each candidate's dissertation.

Recent Dissertation Titles


Christine A. Lepianka
"The Cultural Worldview of Women Trafficked for Sex in the U.S.: An Ethnonursing Study Exploring Health and Well-Being Beliefs, Values, and Practices from an Emic Perspective"

Cecilia Zamarripa
"Subepidermal moisture measures and their relationship to early identification of pressure injuries in both dark and light skin tones in the acute care setting."


Lisa Concilio
"The Impact of a Digital Intervention on Stress, Resiliency, Perceived Social Support, and Intention to Leave among Newly Licensed Nurses: A Randomized Controlled Trial"

Angela Karakachian
"Risk Factors Associated with Pressure Injury Development in Congenital Heart Disease Patients"

Mary Kitchura Kovaleski
"The Feasibility of a Music Listening Intervention on the Incidence, Severity, and Duration of Delirium in the Older Acute Care Patient. A Randomized Controlled Trial"

Jason Payne
"Exploring the Relationship between Dietary Self-monitoring with a Mobile App and Weight Change"

Lois Rajcan
"Trust in the Nurse and Perceived Quality Nursing Care by Adult Oncology Patients with Implantable Vascular Access Port Devices: A Mixed Methods Study"

Patricia D. Scott
"Coping Behaviors of African Americans with Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Focused Ethnography"

Ashlee Shields
"Risk Factors Associated with Pressure Injury Development in Congenital Heart Disease Patients"


Carmen Kiraly
"Exploring Maternal Factors Linked to Weight Status in Salvadoran Infants"

Katharine Mahalik
"The Lived Experience of Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Following Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS)"

Denise Van Sant
"The Physiological and Psychological Effects of an Online mMindfulness Based Stress Reduction Intervention on Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes"


Karen Alexander  
"The Effect of Mindfulness Intervention on the Depression Symptoms of Mothers in Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder"

Marge DiCuccio
"The Relationship between Perceptions of Patient Safety Culture, Nurse Advocacy, and Nurse Sensitive Patient Outcomes"

Catherine Recznik
"The Comparison of Two Methods of Pediatric Triage Education"

Grace S. Tadzong
"Access to Care and the Use of Health Care Services by Women in Rural Cameroon: A Paticipatory Action Research Study"

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