Bachelor's Degree or Undergraduate Degree

For students applying for the first time.

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Required Documents

  1. Completed Application
  2. Transcripts
    • Original or attested copies of official academic records from the last four years of your education.
    • Credentials should be submitted in the native language with certified English translations and sent directly from the school and/or university you attended. Photocopies are not considered official.
    • Scanned copies are accepted for evaluation of your application, but originals must be received before you begin classes at Duquesne.
    • If you have enrolled in an ESL program in the United States, you also must submit the ESL transcripts.
  3. Recommendation Letter
    • At least one (1) letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to both your academic and personal strengths.
  4. Freshman Essay
    • Submit a personal statement of at least 300 words which answers the following questions and includes examples of research, shadowing or volunteering experiences:

      1. What is unique about you?

      2. Why have you chosen this major?

      3. How will Duquesne help you to achieve your academic, personal, and professional goals?

  5. English Language Scores
    • International undergraduate students can apply in one of two ways:
      1. Submit a TOEFL, IELTS, Pearson Test of English, Duolingo English Test, or a score of 540 or higher on the SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section.
      2. Test upon arrival to campus.


To be considered for admission you must have graduated from a secondary school recognized as an acceptable equivalent to a U.S. high school and you must demonstrate a record of acceptable academic success.

In general, undergraduate applicants are expected to obtain the U.S. equivalent of a minimum 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) for most majors.

The Center for Global Engagement takes into the account the educational system and grading system particular to your country; therefore, you are evaluated against students from the same country.

Click here to see a list of countries and relevant documents that we consider the equivalent of a high school transcript.

Please Note:

  • Once your application is complete, it takes about two to three weeks for an admissions decision to be made.
  • Please read our English Proficiency Requirements page for detailed information on how we evaluate your application.
  • An initial interview is not formally required before your application, but you can request an interview with an admissions officer if you would like to articulate additional information. The Center for Global Engagement reserves the right to require an interview after examining your admissions materials if we would like more information before our admissions decision.
  • Duquesne is a holistic institution that takes into consideration other skills outside of academic life, such as teamwork, leadership, initiative and compassion.