• Tuition is reviewed and adjusted each year.
  • In addition to tuition, graduate students may also incur fees for administrative services, room and meals, if applicable.

Tuition Rates 2022-2023

Per Semester Per Credit 25% Tuition Award EligiblePer Credit* 15% TuitionAward Eligible Per Credit**
Analytics and Information Management   $1,054    
Entrepreneurship   $1,054    
Executive Leadership   $1,054    
Supply Chain Management   $1,054    
MBA Programs        
Professional MBA    (evening and online, part-time/full-time)   $1,421 $1,066  
Professional MBA - Effective Fall 2022
(evening and online, part-time/full-time)
  $1,175   $ 999
One-Year MBA
(daytime, full-time)
Specialized Master's        
MS in Accountancy   $1,054    
MS in Analytics & Information Management   $1,054    
MS in Supply Chain Management    $1,054    
Micro - Credential        
Business Essentials $3,953      
Business Analytics Fundamentals $3,100      

Students pursuing the Professional MBA (PMBA) with certificate stacks, PMBA/MS in Management joint degree, or PMBA/MS in Analytics & Information Management joint degree will pay the PMBA tuition rate for all associated courses.

Students enrolled in the Professional MBA program beginning in Fall 2022 are not eligible for the 25%

Student Eligibility for the 25% Tuition Award*

Duquesne University is offering a 25% tuition award for students who apply and are accepted into the Professional MBA program. To be eligible for this limited-time award, students must enroll in at least six credits per semester.  Students who enroll in fewer than six credits in any given semester will not be eligible for this award for that semester.

Newly enrolled students starting in the Fall 2022 term are not eligible for the 25% tuition discount.

Corporate & Community Partnership Program**

Duquesne University graduates, graduates of articulation agreement partners, employees of partner organizations, and members of partner professional organizations may qualify for a 15% tuition reduction. Read more about our Corporate & Community Partnership Program.

Note: Students who already receive tuition remission or any other form of a University scholarship or tuition assistance are not eligible for these awards.