Test-Optional Admission

Test-Optional Admission

Duquesne University offers test-optional admission to applicants for whom the SAT or ACT may not be a fair predictor of academic success based upon their motivations and high school academic accomplishments.

Additionally, freshman applicants for Fall 2021 - 2022  have expanded test-optional admission opportunities. We recognize how challenging it has been for prospective college students and their families over these past few months, including, for some, in access to standardized tests. We want to make the college application process as flexible as possible for Fall 2021 - 2022 applicants so we have waived the SAT/ACT requirement for additional schools and programs.*

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What programs are eligible for test-optional admission?

A: For Fall 2021 - 2022 freshman applicants, all majors are offering a test-optional opportunity.

Q: How do I apply as a test-optional candidate?

A: When prompted, indicate your intention on your application for admission to Duquesne.

Q: What are the other requirements for admission?

A: Duquesne University has always taken a comprehensive approach to the undergraduate admission process. The movement to test-optional admission for the majority of our academic programs does not change that. We'll continue to consider factors like high school curriculum, academic achievement, demonstrated leadership ability, extracurricular involvement and volunteer experience when determining who will benefit from a Duquesne education and contribute to our vibrant community of learners. Applicants considered for test-optional admission generally have a minimum 3.0 GPA at time of enrollment.

Q: Will I qualify for academic scholarships?

A: Yes, test-optional admission status has no bearing on academic scholarship consideration.

Q. I have standardized test scores. Should I apply as test-optional?

A. If you have SAT/ACT scores, we encourage you to submit them as part of your application process. If you feel that they don't reflect your academic performance (GPA, class rank, etc.) you can opt to apply test-optional. If you applied as test-optional and have more recently taken/retaken a test, you can revise your application to not be test-optional.

Q. What about AP (Advanced Placement) scores, IB (International Baccalaureate) scores, etc.?

A. You've worked hard and challenged yourself, and we want to reward you for your accomplishments. Learn more about how Duquesne University awards credit for AP and IB scores. And while not required to receive an admission decision, we strongly encourage applicants to share with us any and all academic accomplishments they may have at point of application.

Questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 412.396.6222 or admissions@duq.edu.