Step-by-step Job Search Guide

The job search process is like a campaign and every campaign requires a plan to accomplish its ultimate goal. Here are the action steps you should take to find the right job for you!

  • Know yourself, your skills, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, types of work activities you enjoy, and values which are most important to you
  • Identify as precisely as possible the type of work or career you want to pursue and make sure it is compatible with your skills, strengths, and values
  • Access sources of assistance: Center for Career Development, Internet, etc.
  • Identify occupations, organizations, and industries which interest you
  • Develop your knowledge of organizations and industries where you would like to work
  • Identify name and job title of person to whom you can send your resume and cover letter
  • Utilize the Center for Career Development, libraries, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Directories, Internet, and other resources to assist you in your research
  • Meet with alumni, professors, peers, former employers, relatives, and others to acquire assistance in your employment search
  • Seek advice, guidance, and names of other professionals who may help you
Resume and Cover Letter
  • Write your resume and cover letter; utilize sample resumes available at the Center for Career Development to put together your first draft
  • Submit your resume to Handshake to receive feedback from a Career Consultant or Intern.
  • Meet with your Career Consultant if you need assistance or have any questions
Job Interview
Conduct a Multi-faceted Job Search