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Student Health Insurance Waiver

All Duquesne University full-time students must have adequate medical insurance coverage and provide the University with verifiable proof of coverage online.  If the insurance is not waived online, the student will be auto-enrolled in the University plan and their Duquesne student account will be charged.

NOTE: To avoid being charged in subsequent years, you will need to complete the steps below by September 30 each year the student is enrolled full-time.

How to Waive Student Health Insurance
1. To begin, make sure the student's insurance card is close at hand.
2. Click www.hulseqm.com/myinsurance
3. To login, please use the following ID and password:
     a.ID: Student's last name, first initial (entered without spaces)
     b.Example: Enter Pat Smith as smithp
     c.Password: Student ID (DORI) number (i.e. D01234567)
     d. If you do not know the Banner ID, you can find it on Duquesne's acceptance letter.
4. Click WAIVE
5. Enter the insurance information requested.
6. Print or take a screen shot of your confirmation at the end of the online process and retain a copy for your records.

Remember: You must waive charges via www.hulseqm.com/myinsurance by September 30 each year the student is enrolled full-time to avoid being charged.