How is AI Transforming Our Communities?
The Ethics, Impact, and Future of Generative AI

On October 17-18, 2024, the Grefenstette Center for Ethics in Science, Technology, and Law will host the 5th annual Tech Ethics Symposium: “How is AI Transforming Our Communities?” This 2-day symposium, co-sponsored by the Institute for Ethics and Integrity in Journalism and Media, the Center for Teaching Excellence, and the Albert P. Viragh Institute for Ethics in Business, will focus on how generative AI is transforming our daily lives and our communities. It will also explore how AI has already changed our region and will continue to alter our world in the next decade. How do major stakeholders like journalists, educators, and tech workers use AI to shape our community?  How have professional communities in tech, journalism, and education been impacted already by AI? What is the role of politics in responding to AI’s influence on, and through, these impactful stakeholder communities? What has AI changed for communities of faith, artists, people with disabilities, and historically marginalized communities? What can each of us do to utilize –or avoid– AI to ensure strong, healthy human communities?

This 2-day symposium will include an undergrad and graduate student “AI in the Community” poster competition. Poster submissions are due Thursday, Oct. 3, with cash prizes for the winners. The Symposium will cover the cost of printing the posters. Posters must be presented in person.

The symposium will also include a faculty “AI Teaching Innovation” poster competition, with abstracts due by September 30. 

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