John P. Slattery, Director 
Slattery holds an interdisciplinary PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science and Systematic Theology from the University of Notre Dame, as well as degrees in Theological Studies and Computer Science. He is the author of Faith and Science at Notre Dame (2019) and T&T Clark Handbook of Christian Theology and the Modern Sciences (2020). 

Ercan Avci, Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Avci holds a Ph.D. in Healthcare Ethics from Duquesne and works at the intersection of healthcare, AI, and bioethics. 


2023-2024 Academic Year
Florence M. Chee

Associate Professor in the School of Communication, and Program Director of the Center for Digital Ethics and Policy at Loyola University Chicago 
Nathan Colaner
Senior Instructor and Director of Business Analytics at Seattle University, and Managing Director of SU’s Initiative in Ethics and Transformative Technologies 
Paul Scherz
Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture UVa.
Ehi Nosakhare
Senior Data and Applied Science Manager at Microsoft specializing in machine learning, and holds a PhD from MIT EECS.
Rachael Miller Neilan, Duquesne Research Fellow
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Assistant Chair in the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, Duquesne University
Gerard Magill, Duquesne University Senior Research Fellow 
Vernon F. Gallagher Chair & Professor, Center for Global Health Ethics 

Legacy Fellows
Matthew J. Gaudet
Director of Ethics Programs and Initiatives, School of Engineering, Santa Clara University 
Patrick Juola
Professor of Computer Science, Cybersecurity Studies Coordinator, Joseph A. Lauritis, C.S.Sp. Endowed Chair in Teaching and Technology

Undergraduate Fellows

2023-2024 Academic Year
Emelie Curtis, Senior, Business Administration
Kayla Kraeuter, Senior, Biomedical Engineering
Jacob Mazurkiewicz, Junior, Data Science
Sydney Thomas, Senior, Psychology and Sociology

Faculty Scholars 

2023-2024 Academic Year
Kelly Arenson, Associate Professor and Acting Director of Graduate Studies
Erica Beidler, Associate Professor, Department of Athletic Training
Karoly Bozan, Assistant Professor of Information Systems and Technology
Elizabeth Cochran, Professor of Catholic Studies and Theology
Morgan Gray, Adjunct Professor, Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University
Kristin Klucevsek, Teaching Associate Professor of Scientific Writing
Mai-Ly Steers, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Lauren Sugden, Assistant Professor of Statistics

Affiliated Faculty

Cathleen Appelt, Associate Professor of Sociology 
Theodore A. Corcovilos, Associate Professor of Physics 
Georgiana Craciun, Associate Professor of Marketing 
Lyndsie Ferrara, Teaching Assistant Professor of Forensics Science and Law 
Mark Geiger, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Organizational Behavior 
Min Geiger, Assistant Professor of Management 
Dina Huehn, Assistant Professor of International Relations 
Katherine Lee Wirth Norton, Director of Clinical & International Programs, Assistant Professor of Law, and Director of Family Law Clinic 
Akwasi Opoku-Dakwa, Associate Professor of Management 
Anna Floerke Scheid, Associate Professor of Theology 
Daniel Scheid, Associate Professor of Theology 
Dina N. Siniora, Adjunct Faculty, Center for Global Health Ethics 
Elisabeth Vasko, Associate Professor of Theology 
Eric Vogelstein, Associate Professor and Director of Ethics in the School of Nursing, and Associate Professor of Philosophy 
Wenqi Zhou, David Warco Faculty Fellow in Information Systems and Technology 

Advisory Board

Ken Gormley, President, Duquesne University
David K. Roger, President, Hillman Foundation 
Carol Grefenstette Bates, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Strategic Investment Partners (Retired) 
Hon. Mary Jane Bowes, Superior Court of Pennsylvania 
Edward J. Grefenstette, President, CEO and CIO, Dietrich Foundation 
Matthew Costello, Vice President, Apple 
Hon. Thomas Hardiman, Third Circuit Court of Appeals 
Joan Kiel, Duquesne University 
Maureen Lally-Green, Duquesne University 
Gerard Magill, Duquesne University 
Jane Moriarty, Duquesne University 
Alka Patel, Regional Vice President, Comcast 
Michael Quinn, Seattle University 
Patrick Sorek, Duquesne University