Dr. Mary Ellen GlasgowMary Ellen Smith Glasgow, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN

Vice Provost for Research
Dean and Professor, School of Nursing
Fisher Hall 540B
Phone: 412.396.6554

An accomplished scholar and administrator, Dr. Glasgow has led efforts to increase the rankings and research profile in the School of Nursing. Prior to being named nursing dean at Duquesne in 2012, she served as professor and associate dean for nursing, undergraduate health professions and continuing education at Drexel University.

As vice provost for research, Dr. Glasgow provides strategic leadership, expertise and operational direction for all research activities at the University as they pertain to research needs, proposal development, implementation, infrastructure and growth. Dr. Glasgow is responsible for developing the necessary research infrastructure for the University to support novel research partnerships with health care.

Elisabeth Rather Healey, PhD, JD

Associate Provost for Regulatory Affairs and Applied Innovation
Administration Bldg. 313
Phone: 412.396.1568

Dr. Healey is an inventor, patent holder, registered U.S. patent attorney, chemist, and published author with extensive knowledge of the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in intellectual property law. Dr. Healey's experience in the private sector from her work at a large chemical company and pharmaceutical start-up, in the educational field, and as an inventor gives her a unique insight at the intersection of science, technology, and intellectual property, stemming from an in-depth understanding of the various aspects of the innovation processes in a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies.

Dr. Healey serves as the liaison to the Office of Legal Affairs concerning legal issues and is responsible for the administrative and scientific oversight of regulatory affairs in the Office of Research and Innovation. She is also responsible for the development and oversight of applied innovation initiatives and entrepreneurship activities.

Melissa KalarchianMelissa Kalarchian, PhD

Associate Provost for Interdisciplinary Research and Strategic Initiatives
Associate Dean for Research, School of Nursing
Professor, School of Nursing and Department of Psychology

Fisher Hall 544B
Phone: 412.396.6552

A skilled researcher in the area of obesity, Kalarchian has conducted many NIH-funded studies and has led research initiatives in the School of Nursing since 2013. Prior to her arrival at Duquesne, she served as an associate professor at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Medicine. A clinical psychologist, Kalarchian also held a secondary appointment in the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Kalarchian is responsible for expanding research and evaluation activities, and will serve as liaison to faculty researchers. In addition, Kalarchian addresses issues related to incentives and supports for faculty scholarship, recruitment of diverse faculty researchers, workload, and course buyout and student engagement in research. She is responsible for coalescing and coordinating research efforts in the various schools at the University, with an emphasis on the sciences, health sciences, pharmacy, nursing and the College of Osteopathic Medicine from bench to bedside.

Dr. James PhillipsJames Phillips, PhD

Senior Director of Sponsored Research and Compliance
308-C Administration Bldg.
Phone: 412.396.4290

Dr. Phillips has more than 25 years of experience in grantsmanship at Duquesne University, fourteen of which he has served as the Senior Director of Sponsored Research. He holds a doctorate in Ecological Sciences from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. His primary responsibilities include managing research activities for external Federal and State funding organizations, managing institutional research compliance committees, developing strategies for enhancing faculty funding, and directing internal funding activities. The University has granted him signing authorization to execute grants and research agreements on its behalf. He has been awarded Federal and State grants as a principal investigator, serves as the Chair of the Conflict of Interest committee at the University.

Christine PollockChristine Pollock

Senior Director of Proposal Development and Student Research
309 Administration Bldg.
Phone: 412.396.5175

Christine has nearly thirty years of experience in the nonprofit sector and twenty-three years of experience as a grant writer. She works with faculty and staff to identify funding sources, develop proposals, provide editing assistance, and submit proposals to a variety of funders.

She has developed collaborative relationships with Corporate and Foundation Relations, Community Engagement, Alumni Relations, Career Services, and Enrollment Management to maximize the impact of our student and faculty research endeavors. As the National Fellowship Advisor, Christine is developing a comprehensive approach to supporting student and faculty efforts as they apply for nationally competitive fellowships.

Kira Bokalders, CRA

Director of Business and Grant Administration
308B Administration Bldg.
Phone: 412.396.1667

Kira comes to Duquesne University after over a decade of experience building and managing the research portfolio in the Department of Statistics & Data Science at Carnegie Mellon University. During her tenure in StatDS she oversaw the successful pre- and post-award management of grants from the NSF, NIH, DoED, DOD, various foundations, and many other sponsors. She holds the distinction of being a Certified Research Administrator (CRA), a designation demonstrating knowledge and expertise in the field of research administration. She has a Master of Music (MM) in Clarinet Performance from Carnegie Mellon University and maintains an active performance and teaching career in and around the region.

In her role at Duquesne she will be overseeing the budgetary processes of the Office of Research and Innovation, preparing proposal budgets, providing guidance over research policy, procedures, and compliance, and working with unit leaders and business managers to provide superior service and support to Duquesne's faculty.

Julie ChristyJulie Christy

Grants Officer and Research Administration Project Coordinator
308-A Administration Bldg.
Phone: 412.396.1886

Julie has over 20 years of business administration and grantsmanship experience specializing in federal and state grant submissions and research compliance and reporting -- NIH/DOD/DOJ/HRSA/STATE OF PA. Also, assists the Chair, of the Duquesne University Institutional Review Board- IRB, and faculty on the use of the Mentor automated protocol system. Julie works with faculty and students on the registration and use of the CITI compliance training program. She also prepares the Duquesne University Scholarship Report utilizing the Sedona scholarship tracking system.

Photo of Mary McConnellMary W. McConnell

Associate Director of Student Research and Grants Officer
310 Administration Bldg.
Phone: 412.396.1537

Mary holds a Master of Science in Management from Duquesne's Palumbo-Donoghue School of Business, and has over 10 years of experience with grant administration. As Associate Director of Grants & Events, she assists faculty with proposal preparation, submission, and contract negotiation primarily with federal funders such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), Department of Defense (DOD), and Department of Energy (DOE), and more. She is the key coordinator for events sponsored by the Office of Research including the annual Undergraduate Research & Scholarship Symposium (URSS) and Graduate Research Symposium (GRS).

Maureen Poisker

Administrative Assistant
313 Administration Building
Phone: 412.396.6326

Maureen holds a BA from Duquesne University. In her position as Administrative Assistant at the Office of Research and Innovation, she provides support to the Office staff members towards encouraging research and creating new knowledge at the University. She also helps with coordinating the services, functions, and processes of the Office.

Rachel Barr, BA, CVT, RLATG

Manager, Animal Care Facility
Animal Care Division
Phone: 412.396.1251

Rachel oversees the Animal Care and Use Program at Duquesne, promoting the ethical and humane care and use of animals in both research and teaching. She oversees daily operations and infrastructure of the Animal Care Facility and is committed to providing quality care for all laboratory animals at the university. She also serves as the coordinator for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. She is responsible for reviewing and monitoring all research animal use protocols, as well as maintaining compliance with relevant federal, state, and university regulations.

Ashley Yuhouse, BA, RLAT, AST

Animal Care Supervisor
Animal Care Division
Phone: 412.396.1930

Ashley supervises daily operation of the Animal Care Facility to maintain compliance with all federal, state and university regulations regarding the care and use of animals in research, teaching and testing. This includes daily oversight of animal care, facility/equipment operations, development and maintenance of departmental animal care policies, and training for all animal caretakers, students, staff and faculty. She also serves as a voting member on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), the institutional governing body that oversees, reviews and approves all animal use for the university.

Dr. David DelmonicoDavid L. Delmonico, PhD

Chair, Institutional Review Board
Professor, School of Education
110C Canevin Hall
Phone: 412.396.4032

Dr. Delmonico ensures research with human subjects at Duquesne University complies with all federal regulations and follows ethical principles of academic research and observes the mission of the university.

Dr. Sarah K. WoodleySarah K. Woodley, PhD

Chair, Animal Care Board
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
225A Mellon Hall
Phone: 412.396.6320

Dr. Woodley is Chair of Duquesne University's Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). The purpose of the IACUC is to ensure humane treatment of laboratory animals; availability of appropriate veterinary care; and that the University has conformed to all federal regulations concerning animal use and well-being.

Dr. Jan JaneckaJan E Janecka, PhD

Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
236 Mellon Hall
Phone: 412-396-5640

Dr. Janecka is the Chair of the IBC which is responsible for reviewing, approving, and monitoring Duquesne research activities that utilize biological materials. Depending on their specific nature, biological materials pose various levels of threats to safety and health, as well as environmental risks. Please contact Dr. Janecka with questions regarding the process, protocols, exemptions, and Biosafety levels, or to discuss submission and renewal of an IBC permit.