Foundation Relations staff works with Duquesne faculty and departments to transform great ideas and ground-breaking research concepts into funded projects by establishing connections with foundations whose priorities align with the University's mission.

Our goal is to facilitate engagement -- from setting up meetings with foundation representatives; to identifying funding opportunities; to coordinating every aspect of proposal writing, editing, and submission. We also provide support after funding is received, managing all report deadlines and stewardship opportunities with community and foundation stakeholders.

For foundations that partner with Duquesne, you are able to see firsthand the University's service-focused approach to excellence in teaching, learning and research. Driven by the founding mission to serve God by serving students and to walk with those on the margins, every project, program and initiative on campus is undertaken with a holistic and long-term approach.

The University encourages and facilitates collaborations-among faculty, with students, and in partnership with funders and the community. This commitment to strong, mutually-beneficial partnerships is why many foundations choose to work with Duquesne, whether through investing in exciting new pilot programs that spur change, supporting top-notch faculty whose work influences thousands, or initiating strategic long-term alliances to achieve mutual goals.