DOVE Classroom


Duquesne online virtual environment (DOVE) classroom edition provides remote access to an online classroom lab featuring Windows OS, macOS or Linux virtual machines (VMs). You can access DOVE Classroom from any location using a Windows or macOS device.

Note: Faculty members must request a DOVE Classroom virtual lab. After a virtual lab is created, faculty members must invite their students to the lab.

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Request access to DOVE Classroom (faculty)

If you are a Duquesne faculty member who is interested in creating a classroom experience with DOVE Classroom, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Course name(s)
  • Number of students in your course(s)
  • Desired software titles and operating system.

Requests for DOVE Classroom labs must be placed at least two weeks before the start of a semester.

Register to a classroom lab (students)

After your professor adds you to their classroom lab, you'll receive an email from with a registration URL. Navigate to the registration URL you receive and follow the steps below.

  1. Sign in with your University email address and click Next.
  2. Select Work or school account to be directed to a Duquesne University sign-in page.
  3. Sign in with your MultiPass username and password.
  4. Once signed in, you will see virtual machines associated with classroom labs you have been enrolled in.

Connect to a VM

After registering to a classroom lab, go to to access your classroom lab(s). Here, you can connect to a classroom lab's VM that includes academic software needed to complete your coursework.

Note: Starting a VM can take up to five minutes.

Disconnect from a VM

You can disconnect from a VM by closing the Remote Desktop Connection (Windows OS) or Microsoft Remote Desktop (macOS) applications. After disconnecting from a VM, go to the Azure Lab Services web page and stop the VM.

Image: Stop a virtual machine

Note: If you do not stop the VM, it will continue to run and use your available quota time.

DOVE Classroom how-to videos


When I click my registration URL, it says it's expired. Who can I contact for a new one?

The professor of the classroom lab you've been assigned to can provided you with a new registration URL.

I ran out of time quota. Who can I contact for more?

Contact the professor of the classroom lab where you have no time quota.

I don't know the password to sign into the VM? Who should I contact?

Contact the professor of the classroom lab you are trying to sign into.

Can I access a classroom VM after the semester ends?

No, you can only access a classroom VM during the semester your course takes place.

Do I need to sign into Microsoft Office to use it on a VM?

No, you are not required to sign into Microsoft Office on a VM.

Can I use DOVE Classroom to take an exam with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

No. Respondus Lockdown Browser does not support taking an exam on a virtual machine.

Where should I save my files on a VM?

You should save your files to one of Duquesne's cloud storage services: Box or Microsoft OneDrive. Anything saved locally on the VM may be lost.