DOVE Student


Duquesne online virtual environment (DOVE) student edition provides remote access to a Windows 10 environment similar to a Windows computer lab machine with a variety of academic software titles.

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Connect to DOVE Student

You can connect to a DOVE Student virtual machine (VM) with your Windows OS or macOS device by doing the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Select VMWare Horizon HTML Access.
  3. Enter your MultiPass username and password.
  4. Click Login.
  5. Click Labs-Basic.
  6. On the "Welcome to the Duq.local (Duquesne) Domain" screen, click OK.

After Windows is finished loading, you will arrive at the desktop. When you are finished using DOVE Student, double-click the Log Off icon located on the desktop.

Note: DOVE Student features a limited number of VMs. If all VMs are in use and you try to connect to DOVE Student, you will receive a message stating "No desktops available." Please check back at a later time for an available DOVE Student VM.

Software library

The following software is available on DOVE Student:

  • Adobe Reader DC
  • EndNote
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher and OneNote)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • SPSS Statistics


Can I install software on DOVE Student?

You cannot install software on DOVE Student.

Can I print to my local printer from DOVE Student?

Yes. Copy and paste your work from DOVE Student to your local desktop and then print.

How do I transfer files from DOVE Student?

You can transfer files from DOVE Student to your personal computer using your Box, OneDrive or University email account.

Can I use DOVE Student to take an exam with Respondus Lockdown Browser?

No. Respondus Lockdown Browser does not support taking an exam on a virtual machine.

Can I use DOVE Student to access a macOS environment?

DOVE Student only offers remote access to a Windows 10 environment.