Do More with Box

Published on March 10, 2021

Box, the University's cloud storage service for file sharing and collaboration, offers several tools and features to help you be more productive when working with your content.

Organize your content with My Collections

Box Collections lets you organize files and folders that you own or share into logical groupings of your choice. When you sign into Box, you will see My Collections in the left sidebar. Click Create Collections or the plus icon to create a new collection.

To add content to a collection, go to the All Files window, highlight the items you want to add and drag-and-drop them into the collection. You can also rename or delete collections, move items from one collection to another, and remove an item from a collection.

Jot down meeting notes with Box Notes

Whether you're meeting to discuss a class assignment or collaborating with co-workers on a project, Box Notes is the perfect tool for keeping meeting notes and action items. To create a Box Note, locate Notes in the left sidebar and click the plus icon.

Image: Box Notes overview

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Securely share folders and files

Box lets you share folders and files with individuals inside and outside Duquesne. After selecting a file or folder in Box, click Share to invite someone as a collaborator or create a shared link.

If you choose to invite someone to collaborate on a file or folder, you can assign different permission levels, such as Editor, Viewer or Co-Owner. After entering their email address and choosing a permission level, you can send the recipient an invitation to collaborate on your Box content.

Image: Invite someone to a Box folder

When creating a shared link, you have three options for who can view the link: people with this link, people in your company and invited people only. We recommend choosing either people in your company (if you're sharing with someone at Duquesne) or invited people only (if you're sharing with someone outside of Duquesne) for this setting.

Image: Invite someone to a Box folder

After selecting who can view your shared link, you can then choose whether people can view and download your content or only view it.

Image: Shared link permissions