Working Remotely FAQ

This page features frequently asked questions (FAQ) concerning working remotely at Duquesne University.

Do I need VPN to work remotely?

Many University applications, such as DORI, Canvas, Office 365 email, Box and Zoom, can be accessed without connecting to Duquesne's VPN. Resources that require VPN include:

  • Banner Admin Pages
  • Banner Document Management (BDM)
  • Cognos
  • DU Photo Roster
  • Internal shared drives (ex. Einstein, CIFS)
  • Kronos.

You do NOT need to VPN to remotely access the following resources:

  • Canvas
  • Box
  • DORI
  • Ingeniux CMS
  • Lyris List Manager
  • Office 365 email
  • Self-Service Banner (SSB)
  • Slate CRM
  • Starfish
  • Zoom.

Can I use VPN on my personal computer?

You can only connect to Duquesne's VPN on a University-owned and managed computer.

What are the requirements for VPN?

As stated in CTS's VPN service requirement, employees must use a University-owned and managed Windows or Mac device to connect to Duquesne's VPN. Employees also need to:

Do I need to be enrolled in Duo MFA to use VPN?

To use GlobalProtect VPN, employees must enroll in Duo MFA using a mobile device with the Duo Mobile app installed.

When signing into GlobalProtect, a Duo Push notification will automatically be sent to your enrolled device. After approving the MFA request, you will be connected to VPN.

Can I copy information to Box, OneDrive or a personal external drive?

Only private data can be copied to cloud or external storage devices. Restricted data may NOT be copied.

Visit for more information about the levels of data classification.

How will I communicate with my team?

Use your University email account to communicate with team members. You can access your University email online by going to

I'm working remotely and cannot print to my home printer. Why?

If you are connected to Duquesne's VPN, you cannot print to printers connected to your home network. Disconnect from VPN to print and reconnect once you are finished.

I still have questions. Who do I contact?

If you have questions about whether or not you can perform your job duties while working remotely, please consult with your supervisor.

For technology-related questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk at 412.396.4357 or