Information Technology Graduation Checklist

Graphic: Information Technology Graduation Checklist

Congratulations, seniors!

As you prepare for graduation and your next endeavor, please take a few moments and review some important information regarding your MultiPass and University email accounts.

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Access to your MultiPass and University email accounts

You retain access to your MultiPass and email accounts for one year after graduating from Duquesne. For example, if you graduate in December 2023, you will have access to your accounts until December 2024.

After one year has passed, your MultiPass and email accounts will be removed from our systems and will no longer be accessible. Alumni will be notified via email about their account removal at least one month before the removal date.

Email forwarding and automatic replies

Computing and Technology Services (CTS) recommends setting an email forward and automatic reply on your University email account shortly after you graduate.

An email forward sends a copy of a message sent to your University email to a personal email account. When you set up an automatic reply, anyone who sends a message to your University email receives a customized message. Here, you can let senders know a personal email address they can reach you at moving forward.

Note: Forwards and automatic replies on your University email account will stop working after it is removed from our system.

Forward individual emails to another email address

You can forward specific emails in your University email to another email address by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to and sign in with your MultiPass username and password.
  2. Select the email you want to forward.
  3. Select the arrow next to Reply All and then choose Forward.
  4. Enter the email address you want to forward the message to in the To box.
  5. Click Send.

Transfer files stored in OneDrive or Box

If you have files stored in your University OneDrive or Box accounts, transfer them to a personal storage account. If you do not have a personal cloud storage account, below are some recommendations from CTS:

Google Drive

Go to and click Go to Google Drive. After you are directed to the sign-in page, click Create Account. Google Drive currently offers 15 GB of storage for free and 100GB for $1.99/month.

Microsoft OneDrive

Go to and click Sign Up for Free to create a new account. When creating your account, do not sign up with your University email account. OneDrive currently offers 5 GB of storage for free and 100 GB for $1.99/month.


Go to and click Get Started. When choosing a plan, click the Individual Plans tab and select either the Individual (free) or Personal Pro ($10/month) option. When creating your account, do not sign up with your University email account.

Once your personal cloud storage account is set up, download files from your University OneDrive or Box account to your computer and then upload them to your new account.

Access to University-licensed software

Access to University software, such as Microsoft Office or SPSS, will expire once your MultiPass and email accounts are removed from the system. If you would like to purchase Microsoft Office, visit

Update the primary email address on personal accounts

Personal accounts, such as social media or banking, may have your University email listed as a primary or recovery email. Update the primary or recovery email to a personal email address. For steps on how to update your email address, visit the respective account's help center.

Unlink phone contacts from your University email

If you added your University email account to your mobile phone, some of your phone contacts may be linked to this account. Create a backup of your contacts and link them to a personal email account.

Computer Store Buyback program

Before you graduate from Duquesne, visit the Computer Store to trade in your old computer and purchase a new one. For more information regarding the Buyback program, go to

Access to Handshake

You can sign into Handshake using your MultiPass credentials for up to one year after you graduate. After your MultiPass account is removed, you will need to sign up for a new Handshake account. Go to and view the Your Handshake Account section for more information.

Transcripts and student records

You can still access student records after your MultiPass account is removed. Go to for information on how to order copies of your official transcripts. For other information, such as grades and class schedules, visit the Registrar's website at