Microsoft Teams Now Available at Duquesne!

Microsoft Teams

Computing and Technology Services (CTS) is pleased to announce that Microsoft Teams is now available for employees and students at Duquesne!

An online collaboration tool that is part of the University's Office 365 suite of services, Teams provides a collaborative workspace that features instant messaging, meetings, audio or video calls, and file and screen sharing.

In addition to the above features, Teams also provides the ability to create an online workspace called a "Team." A Team provides the Duquesne community the opportunity to work together and share resources. Teams also offers the ability to create channels, which are spaces for team members to discuss specific topics or projects.

Although Teams has many of the features that are currently offered in Zoom, Teams does not replace Zoom. Instead, Teams offers an additional option for collaborating with colleagues, particularly when communicating in an Impromptu (vs. pre-scheduled) meeting. Teams is simply another service to enhance teaching, learning and collaborating at Duquesne.

To get started using Microsoft Teams, visit