Email and Calendaring

Services associated with email, calendaring, contacts, department email accounts and mailing lists.


Students, faculty and staff have access to Microsoft Office 365 calendaring through their University email account.


Your University email account provides you with access to email, calendaring and other collaboration tools.

Mailing Lists (Lyris List Manager)

Email distribution services allow you to set up a mailing list addressed as You can use Lyris' web-based tool to view and manage your lists, add or remove members, approve subscription requests and change list properties.

Retiree Email

Employees who retire from Duquesne University and are eligible for retiree status will automatically receive access to an email account.

Shared Mailbox

A shared mailbox allows individuals to send and receive emails from a single address that is not associated with their University email account. These mailboxes are ideal for campus departments, offices or organizations.