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If you need to send an email to a large number of recipients, we recommed requesting a mailing list. The University uses LISTSERV to create and manage electronic mailiing lists.


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Requesting a new list?

In order to have a list added to our ListServ, you will need to send a ticket to with the following information:

  • Requested List Name: What is the email address you want as well as the display name?
  • List Owner (recommended 2 owners): Who will be able to manage this list?
  • Moderated?: Do you want each email sent to the list to go through an approval process before being sent out?
  • Who can join the list: Do you want anyone to be able to subscribe, or would you like it to only be owners who can add subscribers to the list?
  • Who can send to the list: Can anyone send to the list? Can only subscribers send? Can only owners send?
  • Keep logs of list activities?: A log will be kept on our ListServ website which will track when subscribers are removed/added to the list, when messages are sent out, etc.
  • Send email notifications?: Do you want an email sent to the owner when people are added/removed from the list?
  • Attachment Policy: Do you want to allow attachments to be sent on emails?
  • Do you want the list to be confidential?: Do you want this list listed on the main page of ListServ, or do you want only the owners to see it?

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

List Managers

How do I send an email to a mailing list?

You can send an email to a mailing list by either:

  • Composing a new email in your University email and adding the mailing list address ( as a recipient
  • Sign into LISTSERV and create a new mailing

If you are sending an HTML-based email or want to track mailing analytics, such as the open rate and number of clickthroughs, we recommend creating and sending your email through the LISTSERV website. Otherwise, please use the first method to send email to a mailing list.

How do I manage my lists using the LISTSERV web interface?
How do I moderate my lists using LISTSERV?